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    That blasted Collectech account that was reinserted on my Equifax report is now re-deleted! My score went from 645 to 665 because of it!!!

    As soon as I saw it was gone, I RAN to the credit union and told them..."PULL IT NOW..NOW"...LOL before that stupid thing tries to show up again!

    I wrote Equifax, cursing them, telling them I want a hard delete. I don't know if my 30 days for reinvestiation got the account deleted or if my letter got them to do it.

    I'm estatic! I've never HAD a 665 before! My first reason code was, of course, too many inquiries. I've had 19 in the last 8 months. News flash though, the last 3 didn't...I repeat, DID NOT affect my score.

    Second code, "Delinquency on account". This account is closed and that one 30day past due was back in 98. How can THAT be #2?

    Third code, "Age of accounts". This will just have to take time.

    Forth code, "Balance to limit ratios". But the thing is, I've paid them down a lot. This used to be reason 2, so this is a step in the right direction.

    I wanted Amex soo bad but I'll wait until next year. Those inquiries are gonna kill me. By then, I'll have paid down all my balances and hopefully my score will be closer to 700...but 25 points away isn't bad at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Reshod Well-Known Member seems you have all the LUCK
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    We are on a ROLL this week girl... I think I better go to ATlantic


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