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    Okay give everyone a little background here. My credit consisted of bunch of sub-prime cards. for about 4 years since I was 18..I always wondered why I couldn't get cards like everyone else then I pulled my report. I had a collection..amount $46.00 being reported Eq, EX. I disputed the Eq saying to the nice rep over the phone that it was a paid collection but in reality I was not responsible for the debt cause it was created prior to me being 18. Poof! Gone. By that time I signed w/Junum. And am on round 1 now. But I could not wait any longer to find out what happend. So I ordered a Experian online and discovered that my collection is gone from there also! Now does that mean that it's in dispute or that it's gone forever?? I hope it's forever because I want a AMEX card so damn bad! of course they pull Experian, my worst. So then also today I get a denial from Associates, after I re-submitted my application for a CC they delcined it before the collection on Equifax was taken off. So it said it was because of the collection. So I resubmitted after it was taken off. Declined again...nice. must have been that previous card I had w/them that they shut down cause I had 2 30day and 1 60 day late. So after that insult. I went and applied for Citi Click AAdvantage MC. Approved 3000. My first prime card! Do you think I can get a AMEX cause all my neg trade lines are 2 yr old this month. I thought I read as long as everything is current in the past 2 years should be able to at least get a green.

    Thanks everyone for all the helpful info!

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    You can't spell you're so happy !!!!!!
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    I can't spell anways ;) Didn't see the new spell check feature the first time.


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