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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jtw, Aug 9, 2001.

  1. jtw

    jtw Well-Known Member

    My score is near 600 on all 3 bureaus. My balance ratios are close to the limit. I can't seem to get it in the 600's.

    My experian is 37 positives with no negatives.
    My equifax has all positives except 1 charge off from Profidian which will delete off in Oct.
    My Trans Union is my worse report with 6 negatives which will all clear by Dec except for the last one which will removed in 12/02.

    I have the following cards and limits: I am seeking suggestions from others to improve.

    Mayors Jlrs 4,000
    FCNB MC unsecured 750 limit
    Reeds Jlrs 2,750
    Radio Shack 750
    Dillards 500
    Amer Airlines 1000
    Next Card secured $760
    Marshall fields 300
    Central Bank $2500
    GECC Best Buy 500
    Target 500
    Capital one $3,900
    FCNB eddie bauer 850
    Goodyear 500
    Bankfirst $1,450
    Gateway 1,650
    Orchard Bank 3,000
    Orchard Bank Visa 1,000
    Lazarus 1,100
    Capital One Visa Gold 500
    Household Bank 500
    Chevron credit builder 300
    United Airlines 1000

    I know I probably have too many accts.

    Any suggestions??
  2. Dani

    Dani Well-Known Member

    How long have the accounts been open?

  3. jtw

    jtw Well-Known Member

    The orchard cards are 1-2 years old. The cap one is about year and a half. some of the others are 1yr old but many of them are within the last 6 mos.
  4. godaddyo

    godaddyo Well-Known Member

    New credit dragged my scores down for a while also.
  5. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    you didnt provide much information. But I can suggest the usual basic credit repair tactics.

    1) Keep your OLDEST accounts. no matter what it is ..keep that bad boy open.

    2) close the other little ones with small limits. Keep the big limits cards....

    3) pay off as many cards as you can to help ratios. get all cards near 15-30% utilitzation

    Good luck!
  6. bingo

    bingo Member

    I agree w/ the rest - close as many as you can. That is way too many open accounts. Plus the fact that many of them are less than one year old lowers your score as well.

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