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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Steve A, Apr 4, 2001.

  1. Steve A

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    I haven't posted for awhile. But, I thought some of you might want to know how my suit against NELA, Equifax, Dept. of Education, and another party is going. Actually, I'm kicking asterix. I was in Court yesterday (pro se)on a motion to compel and inspect computer systems making oral arguments in front of a U.S. Distric Court judge. It was really cool. I had my own table all to myself, spread out my files, and everything. Equifax and NELA showed up (Dept. of Ed and the other party didn't show). So, opened up with my remarks. The judge commented that I "was doing a creditable job of representing myself." He denied my motion, saying essentially that I didn't need the documents I wanted compelled, because I had already proved my point. So, heh. What more could I want. Looks like I have the Washington State student loan guarantor nailed on FCRA violations. I also refered to my claims of common law fraud and I didn't get a clear indication from the judge as to how he felt about that, so we will see. Mediation next month. If anyone wants to look at my case, it is CV00-0354L. Check it out. I have some great documents in there.
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    Is the case availbale on the net?? Congratulations! What did they do to you?

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    that is awesome. I dont think you are still waiting on that fax from me. lol. Sorry. I am a big chicken. Well, I kinda got my loans deleted anyway. Funny I was just reading your emails last night. And of course like you said the ombudsman office flaked on me..

    Glad to see it is going well. Good luck!

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    question for Steve....

    Could you be more specific about how to check out your case? I'm new here. Thanks!
  5. Steve A

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    Re: question for Steve....

    The truth is, I don 't think my case is available on the net. I think you have to go to the U.S. District Courthouse in Seattle and have my file pulled and physically look at it. I've kind of wondered if one of the law review publications might publish it. But, I suppose that is delusional.

    I'm suing for common law fraud, FCRA violations, FDCPA violations, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and other including defamation. More specifically, I am suing Equifax over how they report you as still 120+ days past due once you pay off a debt that was delinquent. Failing to update status. NELA falsely certified a default claim when I was only 60 days past due on my student loans, tr ied to charge me a front loaded 31.13% collection fee, then another 18.5 percent collection fee, and left it on my credit report even though I sent them 13 letters complaining about it. It was still on my credit report as past due two-and a half months ago. So, you see my rage.
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    Re: question for Steve....

    Oh. I'm after DOE because they failed to allow me to appeal their determination of my complaint when I complained to them about NELA. Of course FAI, the collection agency, wouldn't let me see my file, so I'm after them too.

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