Suing the creditor for collection??

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SlowJedi, Aug 7, 2003.

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    Has anybody successfully sued a creditor and a collection company for incorrect collection as a FCRA violation?

    A hospital put us into collection after 7 months going back and force with the insurance company, the insurance company says that the hospital just can't give them the property paperwork, and after talking to the hospiral, I believe it. These are the dumbest people out there. I told them from teh beginning that we'll pay the bill only after we get the correct bill with only our portion excluding the portion coverred by insurance. My daughter's birth cost me about $15,000 out of pocket, and this is the very last bill we have.

    Now with the collection on my credit, which I don't believe I should have, I have a factual damage to my credit for incoorect reasons. I'm thinking about filing in small claims against the hospital and the collection company, and besides the "non-responsibility" claim I also want to charge them with violations of my rights under FCRA. Any suggestions?

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    Have you read up on validating with a CA.?
    It's in the threads at the top of each page.

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