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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by rackt3, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. rackt3

    rackt3 Well-Known Member

    I need some advise here please. I'll try to keep this story short and readable.

    Two years ago we moved out of an apartment to our own home. The landlords say we owe $110. We refused to pay because we believed the charges to be bogus, and we told them that.

    They decided to add a collection item on my brother's credit report (not mine for some reason). Now my brother needs a school loan that he can't get solely because of this collection item. I wrote a settlement (pay for deletion) letter, and they ignored it. When my brother called to find out if they got it, the person he spoke to said in essense, "pay it, dispute it with the CRA, and we wont verify", but refused to put it in writing.

    Now I've decided that perhaps I should send for validation, but I fear it'd be a long drawn out process. I'm also wondering if we should just pay the $110, and redispute it with the CRA (disputed it once already, and it got verified), and hope they don't verify. What would be the fastest way to resolve this?

    Please help!
  2. SoParkDiva

    SoParkDiva Well-Known Member

    Will he get the loan if you pay it and the item is marked paid? That's the only way I would pay.
  3. Nestea

    Nestea Well-Known Member

    they can't do that so easily..

    what state are you in?
  4. jrjr37

    jrjr37 Well-Known Member

    Aren't school loans usually granted without a credit check?
  5. BurnIt

    BurnIt Well-Known Member

    You don't have to have it removed from your credit report. You just need to prove you paid it. Pay it, and ask for a receipt saying, paid in full.

    Then take their word for it. Most people just want their $$$$. You aren't dealing with a collection agency.
  6. rackt3

    rackt3 Well-Known Member

    Well, it's an alternative private loan. So it's not a government loan per se.

    The loan people say they look at score, and credit history. They did say though that any collections need to be paid, but I'm not sure how that would affect what he would be able to get.

    Ultimate goal is still to get it off his report completely.
  7. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    They did say though that any collections need to be paid
    Why does that have to be paid when it's not his?
    THE END ** *** ** LB 59
  8. dixidriftr

    dixidriftr Well-Known Member

    It IS a collection they are dealing with.

    I bet it would be hard for the CA to properly validate.

    I'm sure the CA could come up with the contract, but I would assume that for there to me money owed to the OC, the OC would have had to make repairs, and copies of the bills the OC paid for work done would have to be sent to properly validate.

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