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    I thought you all would enjoy this little dilemma. I now realize I can transfer skills YOU ALL HAVE TAUGHT ME to make all those "little bumps in the road" go smoothly,
    regardless of the category - whether it be improving credit or getting good preferred treatment in any other way.


    I had reservations for 2 nites at a popular CA vacation spot in Monterey near Fishermans Wharf. I had the 2 nites reserved with the AMEX. (The credit card could have been a Visa or MC, whatever - the point is the room was guaranteed by a charge card). Read on:

    I cancelled 24 hrs in advance, and the intelligent service rep informed me that - too bad - you had to cancel 48 hrs in advance. The XXXXX Inn would still charge me $199 + tax to the Amex Card. Sorry, it was Labor Day weekend and booked to the hilt.

    I told her I was informed I could cancel up to 4 PM when I booked online, and I saw no "Labor Day 48 hour notice".

    She said, "Sorry sir, thanks for calling the XXXXXXXX XXXXX Inn." She tried to hang up, BUT THEN Dog went into business mode...

    "I suggested that there may be some slight, remote, unusual, MOSES-part that River, once-in-a-lifetime possibility that someone, from the entire 5 million population in the San Francisco Bay Area, would conceivably venture a call to the XXXXXXXX XXXXX Inn and try to get any room for Labor Day. She refused, gave me my one day cancellation number and I was done.

    BEFORE LEARNING TO DEAL WITH SCHMUCKS and responses like these, and from learning that you talk to a person-and threaten to walk if they do not do the right thing for me, THE CUSTOMER, I would have been out $200.

    How to argue from a position of strength is a learned SKILL - incredibly necessary to get the things we want.(THX Creditworks!!)

    I waited (yup, I just brooded and stewed about the $200 all day) then called the place today and said the following:

    "I had to cancel my reservation with you, charged to my Amex, due to business plans.
    I gave a full 24 hours notice of the cancellation. The Rep said I was stuck paying one nite because I had not given 48 hours notice. I was told there was an additional 24 hours notice needed for cancellation because of Labor Day technicalities. However, I was not informed
    of this requirement when I booked online.

    I appreciate your hotel business situation - you get a profit when all rooms are booked to the maximum capacity.

    I am a businessman myself, so I understand your normal policies.

    Here is my request:

    1. Please say you understand I am a good customer that will come back to Monterey
    if you do the right thing - which is to credit me back the entire amount to my AMEX.
    (FYI - the room was $199 + tax)

    2. If that is not the case, please remove me from your customer list and I will return all XXXXXXXX membership cards and materials to your attention, personally, at your hotel.
    Please forward my cancelled hotel cards to their corp headquarters with my explanation.

    I am also gold Hilton, Platinum Hyatt,
    Gold Marriott.

    Will you do the right thing?"

    They called be back within 30 minutes, credited the fee, thanked me very much, and told me to call them again and they would assure me a very nice accommodation.

    I will call back in about a month, and I bet
    I get oceanfront suite for same price or free.

    Keep sharing your solutions to all these problems.

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    RE: TAKE charge - ITS WORKING!

    LOL! Go DOG!
  3. dogman

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    RE: TAKE charge - ITS WORKING!

    Jo- I enjoyed selecting my new Coach Lt Tan Leather Wallet. It shows off the Green Card well - but will contrast nicely with the Rewards Plus. :)

    I know - but it's just been such a long time
    I wasn't embarrassed by pulling out a Cap One Card. You had good credit B4.

    More I'm sure - Dog :)
  4. Jo

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    RE: TAKE charge - ITS WORKING!

    You wouldn't believe it...I did the exact same thing with the wallet! LOL...I bought a Black Lambskin wallet @ eBags specifically because the picture on the site has the wallet with a Gold Amex in it! LOL...too funny...
  5. creditwork

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    RE: TAKE charge - ITS WORKING!

    You are more than welcome. As always a very entertaining post. Given that the charge was made with the Amex, I venture to say they would have helped you out. They are great at crediting you for charges incurred when the service or product is not delivered.

    As always, deal from strentgh.

    Profit from the experience.


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