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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kelly, Nov 10, 2000.

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    So today I receive a bill from the hospital. I'm sure I paid it as soon as i received the statement. So, I go and check my bank statement online. Yep, sure thing, the check cleared my account on the 23rd of October. Well, thinking maybe they just shipped statements out late, I check the statement date - November 2nd. Arghhh!!

    Three Long distance phone calls later...

    I find out that the address we send payment to (clearing house) basically just cashes the checks. Then.... they send the enclosed slips to another address - yes snail mail - where they credit your account.

    Payment which was sent on October 16th was finally credited to my accout on November 7th.

    Geeze, is this normal

    No wonder I'm always having trouble with doctor/hospital/clinic bills

    It's hard enough keeping these doc bills straight without them taking so darn long crediting accounts

    ok - done venting


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