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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by aaron24, May 29, 2003.

  1. aaron24

    aaron24 New Member

    DO they start reporting after your first purchase? I have had mine for 2 months. I haven't used it, and it has not reported yet.

    I got a Chevron card last november. I have not used it yet, and they have not reported yet.

    Seems like a good idea to sit on a card( crappy card) for a year, then it wouldn;t be a new CC.
  2. Amy B

    Amy B New Member

    Question is: will they close it if you don't use it?
  3. aaron24

    aaron24 New Member

    200.00 CL is a joke. I guess it still beats my massive 100.00 CL macy card. lol.
  4. catnap1972

    catnap1972 New Member

    Doesn't report if you don't use it. Mine's been collecting dust for the past 2 months and it hasn't updated since either ($0 balance so not like they would anyway)
  5. Slee

    Slee New Member

    LOL! I have the Target and Chevron as well and have not used it. Ive had them for about 3-4 months and they have not reported at all.
  6. Amy B

    Amy B New Member

    Gee I'd say you are on to something.....I may do the same thing if I ever get a new card.....

    Has anyone done that? Wait for 6 or more months to use a card hoping it wouldn't report til then? I know for a fact it wouldn't work with MBNA, they reported that sucker before it hit my mailbox!!!
  7. aaron24

    aaron24 New Member

    It's not that i don't want to use the chevron card. THERE are no chevrons stations in Minnesota.

    I did a search on there site, and it said there was one station and it was near me. However there are none in my state. I should mail it to someone in california.

    Anyone want a free fill up? lol.
  8. RichGuy

    RichGuy New Member

    I waited over a year to use my Chevron card, and was able to use it without any problems.

    They recently gave me a CL increase from 300 to 1000, although my balance has never been over 150. :) :) :)
  9. webgod

    webgod New Member

    The same day I was approved for the Target card, I used it on their website to buy a $20 item, it showed up on my Credit reports within 2 weeks.
  10. bigmon

    bigmon New Member

    I've always used a card shortly after receiving it just incase they do a manual review and cancel.

    You might be able to use your Chevron's website to buy something you need.

    I got my Target in late April and it still doesn't show.
    Hopefully, they'll update when June rolls around.
  11. cyana

    cyana New Member

    Received my card in early April - used it for an online purchase- just received the first bill - paid bill. Not reporting for me yet either.
  12. bigmon

    bigmon New Member

    I just checked PG and it's reporting on EXP only. Hopefully, it will show on ther others soon. It seems like OC's don't report to all the CRA's at the same time.

    It has the balance as the limit which isn't good for utilization. I charged $29 when I got it and it shows $29 as the credit limit.
  13. picantel

    picantel New Member

    My wife and I both got the target guest card. Me for $300 and her for $200. We used it a few times and paid it off each time. Between 2-3 months of having the card we applied for a cl increase over the phone. Both times it said we were declined. However, in about 2 weeks after that we check the website and both were bumped up to $500.
  14. bigmon

    bigmon New Member

    My limit is $200. It shows the balance as the limit on EXP. Kind of like what Cap One does.
  15. picantel

    picantel New Member

    Target stated it was experians fault. I sent in a letter from target to experian and experian ignored it. they are also ignoring my phone calls and refuse to dispute. As soon as my other experian lawsuit is done I am filing again. However, it has been 9 weeks now and still I have no decision.
  16. catnap1972

    catnap1972 New Member

    Try and dispute it and see if that works (you're only out the $200 TL reporting if it doesn't work). If it comes back as just high balance, do an almost maxed "buy and return" just like Crapital One to fix it.
  17. bigmon

    bigmon New Member

    I never thought about the buy and return...good idea.
  18. bigmon

    bigmon New Member


    On the buy and return idea how long do you wait to do the return?
  19. catnap1972

    catnap1972 New Member

    You should be safe returning it a day or so after the statement posts (with that particular purchase on it)...just keep an eye on the online statement, or you could probably wait until the statement comes in the mail assuming you don't have a previous balance on the card already (so you won't pay any interest).

    Almost forgot--make sure you check the return policy for the item you're planning on using! Obvious, but needs to be repeated!
  20. bigmon

    bigmon New Member

    I was thinking of not even opening it and returning it this way they cant say I used it.

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