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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BostonJeff, May 24, 2001.

  1. BostonJeff

    BostonJeff Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have any feedback on how quickly Target will increase your credit limit? I started with a $200 line of credit in April. I've paid it off once with a small balance and recently charge it up to the max. Should I pay if off again or make larger payments so there is a balance and Target will make some money in finance charges?

  2. Reshod

    Reshod Well-Known Member

    I believe Target's policy for an increase was 6 timely monthly payments.

    Please correct me if i am mistaken, but this quoted by a Target Rep.

    Some people have called, spoken with a live rep. and sucessfully pleaded their cases for an increase.

    good luck
  3. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    i opened my target account at Dec2000, limit $300 .
    I also placed a $60 purchase and paid it off. No increases by now (I call
    every month to their automated number to request the increase and am denied
    every time). By the way this account is a waste of time since I have two citi
    at 9000 and a Bofa at 6000.
  4. Fat Jake

    Fat Jake Well-Known Member

    Helps as a retail card.
  5. SisterGirl

    SisterGirl Well-Known Member


    They do not pull hard inquiries,but it is systematic for 6 mths between the automated systems approval.I have not tried to request it w/a rep because I'm funny about how many inquiries that are on my bureau(cardholder since 1996 & routinely approved every 6 mths).

    Sister Girl

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