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    Target Plans to Offer 'Smart' Credit Cards

    Bloomberg News

    Target Corp., the third-largest U.S. discount retailer, said it will become the first store in the country to offer its customers credit cards with computer chips.
    Target, in an alliance with Visa USA, will issue the "smart" cards through its subsidiary, Retailers National Bank, later this year. The company will install special terminals that can read information off the chip in all 990 Target stores next year. Customers will be able to use the cards, which also will have the conventional magnetic stripe, anywhere Visa is accepted.
    Smart cards, prevalent in many European countries, can be made to store identification and health information, track customer loyalty, and help prevent fraud. Visa, MasterCard International Inc., and American Express Co., which make money each time a card is used, have struggled to get U.S. consumers and merchants to embrace them.
    Target would become the fifth major U.S. issuer of smart cards, joining American Express and Visa members FleetBoston Financial Corp., Providian Financial Corp., and First USA Inc. The other four issuers have primarily promoted online uses for their cards.
    Target shares fell 6 cents to close at $36.27 on the NYSE.

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  2. jonesing

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    "Smart payment cards in the U.S. got a big boost yesterday as a major retailer announced it will issue 'smart VISA' cards as well as install EMV-compliant smart card terminals throughout its chain of stores. MN-based Target Corporation will issue the new smart cards through its Retailers National Bank affiliate this Fall, and will deploy smart card POS terminals in all 990 Target Stores by the Spring of 2002."

    picture of the card at:
  3. dogman

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    Re: Target Visa !!!!!!!

    GEORGE - now I am thrilled that my Target Card has a $1000 limit - after getting the card in 95.

    Maybe I will be pre-approved for a RED CARD LOL!!!

    I will admit that, in my past wilder years, I did do
    DIALUP. Fortunately I was never arrested, nor did I
    ever encourage anyone else to participate.

    kindest regards - dogman
  4. Fat Jake

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    I saw in another post that exsisting Target cardholders would get this new card. WELL that may be a bad thing for some of us if they change the clissification from STORE card. I as well as many of you have plenty of VISA's. We carry Target because it's a store card.

    One good thing is that we'll probably have a card thats aethetically pleaseing because this RED FLAT thing is kinda ugly. Make Aria look real good. No WAIT a minute ARIA is now GETSMART! Thats too ugly cards that will be gone!
  5. mj

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    I don't know where cardweb got that image - looks like a Photoshop hack to me.

    Here's all of the cards that they issue in one picture:

    I can't tell if the Visa has some holographic stuff on it or not - it's pretty noticeable, don't you all agree?

    I've Fields and Target accounts so long my limits are close to $10k on each - so I assume I'll get the Visa when they roll it out.

    I haven't been able to get many details out of 'em - like is the interest rate even close to reasonable?

    Macy's store card is 21% - their Visa is indexed to Prime and right now is something like 19.4 (OOUCH!). Hopefully Target will take a more "value conscious" approach.

    I love 'em, so I'll use it, but pay it off every month.


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