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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kitty, Sep 18, 2001.

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    Just spoke w/Target Visa rep. and she said I am not going to be converted because something in her system is not highlighted, so that tells her its not going to be. So, I asked her who does the conversion, she said they only handle after the conversion. She believes their computer generated approvals based on score, payment history, length acct opened, etc.
    She told me my acct has a low credit limit (200) and that would not make me eligible. I told her some reps say otherwise. She seemed adamant that the Visa's are being given to those who pay their bal in full per month, have high Target credit lines, and have a good score based on history. She did say a hard inquiry is not pulled.
    So, I called up and spoke to another rep, she said that it is based on credit bureau reporting.
    Well, I guess we just have to wait til November and apply on our own.
  2. Hope

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    Re: Target Visa...Bull!!

    That's right, I say Bull. There are so many conflicting stories out there and the thing that galls me most is the absolute air of certainty each of these CSR speaks their version of "the Gospel according to Target VISA".

    Just today, one of our members announced he/she had received the Target VISA, being converted from a meager Guest Card credit limit of $300 to a $6,000 VISA limit. I believe there are a couple of similar posts certifying that.

    Depending on what day you call and which CSR you get, we're told:

    1)"No way you're getting a VISA"
    2) "You're current limit is too low to convert"
    3)"I don't 'see' you in the database to convert"
    4)" Every current Guest Cardholder will be converted."
    5)"Only a select few Guest Cardholders will be converted."

    And so on and so forth. Fact is, the CSR aren't privy to the "absolute gospel", no matter how much they think they have the last word on it. It seems to me that TArget is purposely keeping their own people in a haze of confusion about the criteria...perhaps the better to deflect frustrated current cardholders.

    The alternative, of course, is that even the Target "head-shed" (executive office) doesn't know which end is up.

    In my quest these past weeks to get the definitive answer of whether I'm "In" or "out", I'd have to say that the Target CSR's couldn't figure out how to pour piss from a boot, even if the sign on the heel said, TILT!
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    Re: Target Visa...Bull!!

    HA! :))

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    Re: Target Visa...Bull!!

    Thank you...thank you very much!


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