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    Has anyone heard of teletrack? I tried to write a check and was turned down by this company. I called them and was told that before they can release info on who reported me I need to send them proof of who I am. They want my address,ss#, and drivers license #. I dont want to release this info to them. I am not sure of how much info they already have on me if any at all. what should I do. I want to know who reported me to them but, I dont want to release any info they dont already have. Help!!
  2. JP

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    Are you sure it is not Telecheck?
  3. Alex - Cre

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    Teletrack is basically a database that contains NEGATIVE information on sub-prime consumers only.

    Here's the URL where they explain how they work:

    The business that you gave the check to that was denied was surely using this service and they found you on their database. If you are not confortable giving out your personal information to them then you should not.


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  4. spyguyjim

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    Very interesting concept, but, in essence, are they not considered a credit reporting agency? Are consumers able to check their name against the database?
  5. CardReport

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    Yes, since the are holding and selling account payment history information, even if it is negative-info-only "blacklist," then they *are* a "consumer reporting agency," and are covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    It is reasonable for them to want some confirmation that they are sending the report to the correct person, to avoid possible liability and regulatory problems. (Although the info that they list wouldn't be particularily enticing to fraudsters.)

    Unfortunately, credit bureaus like this (especially if they have their own collection agency) may use consumer disclosure requests as a "fishing expedition" for more ID info on the individual.

    I would suggest trying to get the report with the *minimum* info - start with just name and address. Did you show your driver's license at the store when you were writing the check? If so, then TeleTrack already has it. So then try to get the report with name, address, and DL number. Avoid giving the SSN, but they keep resisting until you do.

    Good Luck.

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