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    I read a while back that you got your cell phone from How do you like it? What is the difference between peak hours and off peak hours in relation to the plans. Besides the hours of the day, I don't understand, are only peak hours included in the plans? Please explain. Thank you.
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    RE: question-Cin

    Molly, has been purchased by, so I was automatically redirected there. The purchasing process was VERY simple. I used my debit card instead of one of my subprimes to purchase it. I got the AT&T Digital Advantage plan, $29.99 a month. When I signed up for that, my Nokia 5100-series phone was free. It did include voice mail as part of the plan, which is nice.

    I don't use my phone a whole lot, so I haven't run up against any limitations. I believe that you get 500 minutes a month during off-peak hours; and 250 minutes a month during peak hours. Unfortunately, I don't know what those hours are, but since I don't expect to use the phone to that extent I haven't read each bit of the "small print."

    I am on the Digital Manager plan, which does not allow my bill to go over $200 a month; I noticed in getting my updated credit reports this month that AT&T did pull an Equifax report on me, which probably is why that restriction is on my account.

    I also, in a humorous aside, received six sets of phones and accessories, in what assured me was a computer glitch. They gave me a $15 gift certificate for my trouble!

    Hope this helps.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
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    thank you

    Thank you Cindy.

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