THANKS DOGMAN!! Off Amex black

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marie, Feb 9, 2001.

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    Well, aren't you my favorite person today!!! I called Amex several times today and discussed my old account (which actually was older than I remembered). It was written off in 1993 so my last date of delinquency is past the 7 year mark so no worry about it popping back up or reports regardless of Amex's policy... although they did agree that since I had paid a 40% settlement back in Jan 97 and the matter officially was closed with respect to CRAs... paying it off will only remove me from the blacklist I've been on and not update any tradelines regardless of my "last date of delinquency". Best 1181 I've ever spent!!!

    She told me if I want to wait a year, then the notation of my account on their computer system will be gone completely (they expunge at the 12 month mark). Since this cycle closes Feb 25th, as long as my payment is there by then, by March 2002 I'm good as gold with them... then I just qualify (or not) based on my credit scores. I only have to mail a pmt w/my card number. No letters, no negotiating. Just paying like I'd never screwed up.

    I'm trying to limit my inquiries since I just did a round of 2 new cards... but when the secured card comes up again I'll already have money in Centurian, a paid old Amex account, and money to secure the Optima. I think your advice (and all the others, by the way! esp Saar and Jason) have really lifted my hopes of becoming qualified again w/Amex in the near future... THank you!!! First time since 1994 that I enjoyed talking w/Amex!
  2. Saar

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    RE: THANKS DOGMAN!! Off Amex b

    I smell the odour of another AMEXer on board :)

    Which card is it gonna be?

  3. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Yes, another AMEXer... in the

    Well..... :) Depends on what you guys recommend! Once this old account is paid I was going to go for the secured Optima when it's back on (b/c I can't charge my vodka and cigars on the Cobalt card!!!)

    My partner has perfect 10 year Amex.. charging an average of 8-10K a month and she said I could go on as an AU if I want to (and if they'd let me)...

    Remember: I have a 2 year old BK7 (discharged 12/98) and 4 old student loans showing once bad 90+ (1 time) now paid off.. but since then I've got 9 perfect lines and if I need to I can add on some other AUs before applying for Amex.

    Looked like the secured Optima would be the easiest (esp after transferring 5K to their Centurian account w/ another 2-3K in savings to boot).. Trying to establish some good ties before I ask for any credit from them.

    Sound like a good overall plan? Then, once my BK7 is a bit older I'll go for my own Green... not really in a rush if I can still get the benefits w/out the hassle :)
  4. Cadillac408

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    RE: Yes, another AMEXer... in

    They let me on as AU w/ my credit and I had an outstanding judgment and unpaid collections. It did cost me an inquiry (I think Experian) but well worth it!

    As far as what card to apply for, it's really your pick! I love my Gold charge card mainly because of 2 factors:
    1. Prestige
    2. Limits my spending (I have noticed that I'm climbing higher and higher out of debt because of this card)

    What's my favorite Am/Ex card?

    Absolutely breathtaking! I acually saw a person standing in line in front of me w/ this card at a shop in Vegas. I was blown away! I was like, must have millions to have THAT card! He replied, uh.....yes I do as a matter of fact!

    Look what I have resorted to.....gawking over a stupid card! Wow...
  5. Jim

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    I have to admire your ambition

    My Chap 7 Bk was discharged in Feb '99. I am on the blacklist too but I really have no interest in getting an AMEX card again. When I retired my gold card in 1995, my credit was excellent and I had no regrets. I only ever used it to take my ex-wife out to dinner occasionally.

    Keep us posted with your success stories.
  6. Donna

    Donna Well-Known Member

    Amex - clarification on the bl


    Thanks for sharing the good news about Amex. I'm happy that you will be able to have a card in your hands soon.

    I've often wondered about black lists that some creditors have, in particular Amex. My brother had an account with them about 15 years ago and it became delinquent. Eventually, Amex got a judgment against him and, believe me! He started paying in earnest.

    It's been over ten years now and the debt has been satisfied. Amex is off his credit reports and, outwardly, the account is clean.

    So...What about my brother's chances of ever getting another Amex card? Is there any hope?

    I've never applied for a card myself because I didn't figure I had enough income. But now that I'm married...and circumstances are better...I'm thinking about applying. Of course, I'll wait til my three credit reports are in good order. All this wonderful talk about Amex makes me want their card!

    Thanks for any info.

  7. Marie

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    I'd call and ask if they can f

    Hmmm. don't know. I'n new to fixing Amex. I'd just call and tell them you used to have an Amex and you want some info on it... you don't have the account number.

    Have them look it up by your SSN... I think that'd tell you if you've got any negative remarks still in Amex's computer system.
  8. Donna

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    RE: I'd call and ask if they c

    Good advice, Marie. Thanks I'll pass it along.

    Getting a card myself is also a goal. I'm probably six months to a year away from that. Gotta convince the big three to put some finishing touches on my reports first.

    Right now, I can't really open any new accounts because I added two new ones recently, The Union Plus card in January and Chase in February. So I'll continue with those and maybe start thinking about Amex again in Six months or so.


  9. dogman

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    I'm Proud of You !!!!

    I had the same feeling when I paid them.
    And you know they respect the hell out of your action today. You didn't ever have to pay them - but you did the right thing; and they will too.

    That was the nicest compliment I could have received!!! My great VP told me I would be taking my laptop and working on one day on vacation in Hawaii nextweek. Oh well - that's internet biz!

    HOWEVER, I am smiling now - nice meeting you Marie :)
  10. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Saar - Speaking of odors....BL

    I was watching SF 4 News - and a guy in Berkeley (of course) has now added SCENT to computing.

    They are rolling it out in the fall.
    Check the application:

    He built a small device that stands about 1 ft tall with a series of holes - like a steamer. It hooks to a USB port.

    Load the device with liquid scents.
    (They showed their whole operation of "scentologists" creating every scent imaginable - apple - coffee- pork - chocolate - roses - etc.

    THEN CLICK on their integrated software-
    purchased by EX: FTD Florist. Go to any internet portal, like Yahoo. Ad pops up for FTD Florist. Valentine Day Roses. Click on roses.... the scent device "mists" the roses smell immediately.

    I think the potential is thrilling - I had never thought of the application. What I have done since seeing this application is to think how I would integrate it directly into the PC/monitor/keyboard/etc.of course with the web cam.

    This company will make a fortune. KEWL huh?
    Wonder what BLUE smells like :)

  11. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    RE: Yes, another AMEXer... in

    Yup - drool - pant - arf arf - gulp!!!

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