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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dinob12, May 10, 2001.

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    just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the advice..I was approved this morning by FCNB..So excited and grateful..I was previously scared to apply because i did not want to get another turndown..Turned down by Cap one and Aspire last week...Now I have a Providan account with a measly $300 cl line but grateful none the less..And FCNB gave me 300% of my deposit so my CL line will be $900...Any other banks besides Cross Country and DMB with similiar approval guidelines...Still waiting on my credit reports to come in the mail so i can start working with Junum..I guess i do need to know my beacon score...But does anyone think that my 3rd card would be easier to get with providian do to the fact that i already have a Gold Card with them...Maybe they would approve me for a Master Card or thier Aria card ????.....Are 2 cards enough to establish credit quickly ?? I know my debt to income ratio is pretty good..I make $38000 a year and I my bills total $600 a month ?? Any way thank you Mr.Bauer and Credit Defense along with LK11..extremly grateful for the advice
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    Why don't you try for another type of trade line. For example: go to your bank and ask for a loan, say $ it with money in your saving account. They should approve this since it is secured. Then take your loan money and place it in either a money market account or a good return rate saving account. Pay your payment each month from this account. Do not pay it off early, make sure you pay at least 9 months worth of payments.

    When you are done you will have a positive installment trade line. These are just as important as a credit card line. A good mix of credit is very important.

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