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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Elizabeth, Oct 17, 2000.

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    Thanks for answering my post regarding trying to have my Sterling Account deleted from my file. I figured I would post my thank you here since the original post was pages ago! Question- did you start the negotiations by saying you were willing to pay in full or just half? How much was the balance owed? Mine is only $700 which I don't know if that gives me any leverage.

    Please let me know if they indeed delete your account from their tape and how long it takes.
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    Mine is approximately $100. I wrote to them saying that I was advised by my attorney that this is still an active debt although you're not trying to collect. I have the exact letter in a file if you want I could send it to you. Anyways it was an unpaid profit and loss write off. I basically said I want to take care of it in exchange for a permanent deletion/removal from all 3 credit bureaus. A guy named Chareles Underwood wrote me back saying that I must pay in one payment in order for them to remove it. The letter was short, I wanted to make sure that I was clear on what I wanted so I wrote back and asked him to further explain how the Permanent deletion/removal would be handled. He wrote back and outlined it for me. I felt confident that I was safe so I sent in my check. Well, the check just cleared last week. Charles said that at the end of the month they would update their tape and remove the file and it was up to the credit bureau to handle the rest. So that means (as far as I know) that I am supposed to dispute this account as not mine, then since it is removed from their tape they will not verify it and then it will be removed. I am waiting until Oct 30th to send in my dispute for all three bureaus. My debt was small and from 1996. I think if your debt is larger they may allow you to make payments, although I can't really say. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if it does get removed.
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    RE: Thanks Molly - Sterling De


    Thanks for the additional info!!! It is a HUGE help to me. My debt is for $700 which I can pay in one lump sum immediately. I would REALLY appreciate it if you could email a copy of the original and follow up letter that you sent to them. I wonder if I should ask to speak directly to the same gentleman?? Thanks again.

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