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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Archer, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. Archer

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    I got 2 student visa cards from info off of this board. Its been 6 months now since I first got my Visa cards and yesterday, I went into Sears to buy a shirt, the cashier asked if I wanted to apply for a Sears card so I did and got $500 right on the spot. Yahoo! And just today, I received an offer for a Gold Providian Visa at a very high rate of 23 and change percent. I think with my 6 months of clean credit history, the offers will start coming in. So I'll go ahead and wait it out til I get an offer with a low rate. I've learned quite alot just reading the board. Again, thanks to everyone in here.
  2. F.F.M

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    Do You mind me asking what you fico score when you got your Sears card?
  3. Archer

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    Sorry I dont know what my FICO score is. I tried to order it last week on Experian or whatever that CR agency name was but was given an instant online refund because the system said it couldnt calculate my FICO score. I'll try and check later tonite and post it here.
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    I think turning down the Providian Gold Visa was a smart move. It's more suitable for those who are rebuilding credit, not building credit like yourself. You could get much better cards than that within a year or two.

    One of my own mistakes was accepting too many subprime cards too soon. Now the balances and open accounts are weighing down my credit score

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