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  1. BOB&bg

    BOB&bg Guest

    This is to Thank all the regulars and the
    others who helped us over the past months dig
    out of the hole with all the medical crap
    on our report. As I said here awhile back
    we are taking the kids to see Disneyworld
    for their effort in paying all our medical bills off w/o filing BK. We will be back in a couple of weeks. But thanks to all of you for your wonderful advice. You all have helped thousands and should be proud. At
    a time when I thought our credit was over with we found this board and was able to start rebuilding. Thanks and you will be in our hearts as we go traveling. Steven stay
    cool and don't let those Credicorp posts
    get to you LOL. Doris keeep them in line.
    bg and BOB!
  2. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    RE: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope y'all have the best time ever! You definately deserve it. :)
  3. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great time, you deserve it. Hopefully, the hard times will be but a fading memory during your trip and upon your return find the government has closed down CCB and sent up Rocco for life.
  4. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    RE: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun!!...sitting here near Orlando, I'll warn you of a few things...

    1. hotter than blazes here...(no pun intended..)..highs in the 90s with rain all careful as it will drain you in a hurry...

    2. be sure to check out all the other non-Disney Universal City Walk, etc...lots of fun to be had outside of the Mickey Metropolis..

    3. Boca is only 3-4 hours away if you want to visit any friends at CCB...:)...
  5. BOB&bg

    BOB&bg Guest

    RE: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I get to Boca the FBI will be looking for me. CROOKS COUNTRY BANK is the last thing I want to see,hear,or even think about. Thanks for the weather forecast and site seeing
    tips. Well were headed out the door see ya'll
    in a couple of week or so. Take care all!!

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