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    I have been lurking on this board, since stopped allowing posting to their forums. I want to thank everyone who posts on this board for giving me information that I could not have learned even by attending Finance school.
    I started repairing my credit about 6 months ago, and have been relatively successful in getting quite a few deletions on all 3 Credit reports.
    I had some free time today, so I went ahead and posted all the letters I have used in the past to a free web server on
    If you want to use them feel free to. I have also posted LizardKing's validation letter and validation follow-up letter there.
    I will remove them from my site if there are any objections.
    Its at

    By the way, all the work till now is starting to pay off, I was finally able to refinance my car from GE Capital to my credit union ( from 21% to 12.9%)
    Once again, Thank you everyone.

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