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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MichaelOH, Apr 5, 2000.

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    I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank the gazillions of people who have E-mailed their support of the post I made 3 minutes ago! Since my mail server has been a little overwhelmrd I will have a website up in 2-3 minutes to serve as a locus for the glorification of myself. Thaks again to all the people who love me!!!!!
  2. Russ

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    Laugh - good post, and

    --> Well spoken.

  3. <b>pbm</b>

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    <b>RE: Thanx fer ur support</b

    <HTML>I removed Kathy's original message to which you posted your humourous reply, but in doing so your message was also removed. There seems to be a bug in the board software. I am looking into this.

    I apologize for this invconvenience, and felt you should know that the message was removed inadvertently.

    proverbial board monitor

  4. MichaelOH

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    No sweat PB, Just don't let it happen again. For my fans, I reposted under Mom's original post. And PB- thanks for not blowing Mom's spam clean off the board- things were getting kinda boring.
    PS. Please keep those cards and letters an E-mails coming people. Your support means everything to me!
  5. MichaelOH

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    Kathy wrote:
    Again, thanks for the attention! I've even gotten email saying how funny you are...then asking for the info on getting a new Dell...possibly for free! So, Thanks again! and please keep posting! I couldn't buy advertising like this!

    Yes, Mom I know all about your E-mail. I've been getting E-mail from the same people; who tell me they have been sending you E-mail just to pull your chain. They call it "turn-about-is-fair-play". I took it to mean that they felt you were just pulling their chain. Not sure. Maybe your sister would know for sure. And as for all the attention you're getting, don't mention it. I think a strong light is the best tool for scattering the roaches.
  6. E-Sucker b

    E-Sucker b Guest

    How can Kathy keep posting these ridiculous and ignorant deals and not get more criticism from others here. It's analogous to selling liquor to people at an AA meeting. We should be here helping others with "Instant Gratification" problems by giving sound advice, not how to buy a computer at outrageous interest. Kathy, the computer is probably the greatest depreciating consumer product ever to hit th e market. To buy one at anything other than cash is a huge mistake. I can understand buying a car with a high interest rate since it's a actual purchase considered a necessity these days, but a computer?
  7. I couldnt

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    This world is full of idiots!!! Anybody who buys a computer through a loan shark co. Named "omc" deserves not to have any credit at all!!! There are more ways to get a PC for free or at little cost! Especially when you are credit challenged, and the way it looks to me, OMC is a high risk finance co. Well if you are in that much credit trouble, you'd be better off going to Best Buy or Circuit city, getting their free computer with the agreement that you will pay for 3 years of ISP service at 21.95 a month, and thats all you pay...but 4k for a comparable computer, sure it's a Dell, but big deal, Dell uses the same components that Emachines does, it's just a name. It pisses me off to no end that there are so many stupid people in america!!!!!

  8. bg

    bg Guest

    Hey I couldn't agree more!!! Just look at it
    this way, it took a really stupid person
    with no morals, to convince these stupid
    people that omc was a great deal. So those that listened to this MORON will get what
    they deserve, a computer worth maybe $1000,
    and they will pay $4000 for it. There is no
    reason to get upset. Let the MORON MOM,
    sucker these people, we tried to tell them
    it was a bad deal, but remember STUPID MORONS
    are brainless so you can't help them no matter how hard you try.
  9. Question f

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    Are you using FreeI net? I am asking b/c your IP is similar to mine, if so , I can tell you how to avoid all those ads, and sign on without their annoying toolbar....
  10. bg

    bg Guest

    Nope, it's not IFREE.
  11. Shania

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    Actually if people are in that much of a credit pinch they should buy a used computer or not get one at all. I sure as heck wouldn't pay an arm and a leg for a computer when they upgrade every 6-12 months.

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