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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ann, Mar 23, 2000.

  1. Ann

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    Have anybody had any dealings with this bank Action Visa or MC.
  2. Caroline

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    RE: The Action Card "Bank

    I have had this card for over a year and they are very good. They include roadside assistance. And they are very quick to investigate any disputed charges.
  3. Mark

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    RE: The Action Card "Bank

    Do they have a website? If so, what is it please!

  4. allan

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    RE: The Action Card "Bank

    UPSET CUST Guest

    RE: The Action Card

    Be VERY careful with this company. The dealings that I have had w/ them have been horrible. They have lied repeatedly to me. Every time i ask a question about my acct. i get a different answer. Also, please be aware that they consider you late from the time a statement has been issued from there office. for example, if you are due on march 7th and don't make your payment until march 9th they are considering you 32 days late even though you are only 2 days late. they also say that they will not report to the credit bureau until you are 60 days late, BUT that is not from your LAST DUE DATE it is from the last time you were current. BE VERY WARY OF THIS COMPANY!!!
  6. Spice

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    RE: The Action Card

    Credit cards are 30 day revolving accounts. The reason you are 32 days past due and not 2 days past due is because it has not been 2 days since your last payment, but 32 days since your last payment. You are reported 30 days past due when you hit 60 days past due (that is 60 days from the last time your account had a current billing cycle). That is why a payment is due every thirty days. The counting starts the day thta you bill and your monthly statement is sent to. Sometimes there are more days in the billing cycle (30-32) some months less (28-30).

    Most banks operate this way. You can't imagine how many are shocked when they call in to a bank's credit card collections department and are told they are 30 days past due and they think they are 1 day past due.

    As long as the payment is made as soon as the statement arrives there should be no problem regarding CB reporting.

    Good Luck.
  7. Caroline

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    RE: The Action Card

    The reason why you have this account is because you had some kind of bad credit and this card helps you in rebuilding credit. They mail their statements in plenty of time for you to pay your bills on time. If you cant pay your bills on time, then you should cut down on your spending.
  8. portercm

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    RE: The Action Card

    I have no problem with this card myself. Sometimes it is a little hard to charge over the internet but they are good people. I don't like having to pay $140 worth of processing and annual fees but for a person with no or bad credit it is a great card to have. Now I don't have bad credit but I have too much credit which from what I hear is just has bad as no or bad credit. But other than that this card is very good. I have a $500 limit and I have already max'd it out and my minimum monthly payments are only $20.00 a month so this is good.
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    RE: The Action Card

    Can anyone tell me where I can get an application for the action card. I have been to the website but am not able to finda an online application or who i can call to have one sent to me?

    your response will be greatly appreciated!!!!
  10. Craig

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    RE: The Action Card

    go to the website and then email them...they will mail u one out

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