The Best ISP's Out There! (Dialup)

Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by ALAN, Oct 4, 2001.

  1. ALAN

    ALAN Well-Known Member

    My 10hr internet usage with Netzero was running out, so I decided to go for Netzero Platinum last night for $9.95/month gauranteed until 2003. This was my last option. I couldn't find any more free ISP's out there. It seems like those days are over. So, what ISP's do you all use out there and how do you feel about them? Anyone use, this was my first choice for $8.95/month unlimited usage. So far, Netzero Platinum is pretty fast, hopefully, it will stay that way. DSL and cable are out of the question right now, prices are still fairly high. Anyone with any advice, please share it with me. I hate the fact that I have to "Pay" to surf the web now, I guess nothing good lasts forever!
  2. tom65432

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    Bluelight is a bust. They give you a lot of Kmart ads but very lttle internet connection. It never, ever worked.

    Without a doubt, AOL is the worst. It constantly crashes and their support sucks. Don't even think of it. If you are thinking of AOL. try tying a string between two cans to create a "telephone" like you did as a kid. It is a lot more reliable than AOL and will give you a lot better service.

    Earthlink was decent but not great.
  3. river

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    If you are a Amex cardmember,you can get up to 70hrs a month for 12.95 and any hours over 70 shoots up to 24.95,i think. Look inti it at:
  4. cariba

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    Re: The Best ISP's Out There! (Dial

    We just changed to Verizon DSL, but previously had Juno at $9.95/mo. Good service, rarely a problem.


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