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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Oct 30, 2000.

  1. Cadillac408

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    I'm posting this on behalf of my poor old neighbor. She just became a victim of CCB's crooked ways.....

    Here's the story in short:

    She got a card and charged $200 on it. Plus there was about $100 in fees associated w/ the card. Well, she submitted and address change and they never changed the address (from her dad's to her new place). Then she goes to her dad's and finds a new bill so she pays it and sends another address change along. Same thing happens again so this time she called to change. In the meanwhile they have tacked on late charges galore.....tolally about $200. Now they are staying that she owes ~$500 on a card that she only charged $200 on.

    I told her to first call and have the account CLOSED! What should be her second action regarding this? CCB stated that she needs to write them a dispute letter. What is this going to accomplish? They'll note that she's disputing the charges but will there be a resolution? She is 2 steps from just telling CCB to stick it! She isn't concerned about her credit too much seeing that there is a defaulted student loan on there for $10k (which includes major interest since '91) that she doesn't have plans of paying any time soon and some stuff regarding child support owed. I'm not sure if the student loan is even on there anymore since it was back in like '91. The child support stuff is probably on there but regardless, I told her that she shouldn't blow CCB off because one day she's going to need to rebuild and having CCB on there will be one more extra pain in the...

    Any suggestions?
  2. roni

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    Let it go Mp

    I have learned that you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him/her drink. You neighbor will no doubt have to learn the hard way about studentloans, child support and yes cross country, cause they are going to harrass the heck out of her. None stop. Make sure they dont have your # as a contact for her.
  3. Don

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    RE: Let it go Mp

    If she DOES decide to dispute with CCB, the only way to truly get them to respond (and she doesn't sound like a person who keeps good records...) is to copy the DE Bank Commission and the FDIC. Otherwise, most of the CCB "disputes" go into the round file and are ignored...

    Roni is right...they will now make her life miserable...if she had her act together, kept good records, tried to work with CCB, she'd be a good candidate for one of the class actions...but in this case, she might end up looking like a fool....

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