The holidays are here- TAKE CA

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Creditinsi, Nov 24, 2000.

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    Well, I hope everyone had a GREAT turkey feast with all your loved ones (I know I did :) and today the holiday shopping season begins!!

    Just a little reminder to use that plastic safely! This is the season when most of us get deeper into debt thanks to those credit cards, so dont go crazy buying presents, remember to spend within your means and look for the best deals, also if you shop online make sure the site uses a secure order form to protect your personal info, but by all means HAVE FUN!! Have a great weekend everyone.

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    RE: The holidays are here- TAK

    I take your advice very seriousley about taking care of my credit!I have things way under control financially,and i am going to keep it that way.For the first time out of the last 7 yrs. this holiday season has been taking care of with "CASH" no credit cards at all!Also i have a good savings going as well,and am backing up an emergency fund account as well.Being responsible with credit isn't has hard hard it seems.With all the education that the internet has to offer on credit usage,and how to use it wisley.Now i don't have to worry about any bad credit record at all.I do agree with Alex this is the deadly season for credit card usage.So take his advice,and have a happy safe holiday season.

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