The REAL test for Citibank

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Chet, Oct 15, 2000.

  1. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    I just applied for the Citibank AAdantage card on Friday 10/13 (Friday the 13th why not?).

    My history with Citibank:

    - a gold card and a classic card which were both included in my 1992 bankruptcy (had been a model Citibank customer for 5 years til that point - never late on a payment).

    - my credit has been spotless since the 92 BK.

    - applied for a *secured* Citibank card in 3/00 and was denied. They returned my check that I sent in with my application!

    The response that I got on Friday was "Your application for a Citibank credit card is accepted and being processed will respond in 7 - 10 days at the address on you app"

    If I get approved - then Citibank (in my opinion) is giving people with credit blemishes a chance!

    Will keep you posted - THE END.

  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    WEll, I would say that is a real test. I am surprised they turned you down for the secured. But on the application that I got from them didnot it say something about you could not have defaulted or have a delinquency with them. I will keep my fingers crossed for you chet. Good Luck. Dont keep us waiting too long. Call them on Tuesday morning. Maybe you can talk the rep into approving you.
  3. curiouser

    curiouser Well-Known Member


    Yes, please let us know. I've been reluctant to recommend applying for this card to my clients who have had past problems with Citibank because they are very tough on opening accounts for people who have defaulted in the past.

    good luck
  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    to curiouser

    If any of those clients had defaulted 2 student loans with citibank, that wont matter. I defaulted a loan in 4/99 and consolidated and still was approved. I just wanted to let you know that for your clients.
  5. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    RE: to curiouser

    I also had a student loan with citibank that I defaulted on in 1993 and paid in 1995.
  6. kyla

    kyla Active Member

    Thank you all who have given me the courage to apply for the Citibank card. Reading all the high approval rates gave me enough strength to apply. I got the same message that Chet and many others got. However, I applied for my husband today and he was approved instantly for 4K. We always thought my credit was better because I have about 8 positive tradelines within the past year. My hubby has only 2. One of those he was late on twice. I don't get it, but I won't question it. I'm just so happy! I literally screamed when I saw approval for 4K. My husband ran into the room because he thought that I had hurt myself somehow. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!

    P.S. Chet, you and I are wishing for the same miracle to happen for us in the mail. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too :)

  7. kyla

    kyla Active Member

    RE: to curiouser

    Special thanks goes out to you Roni. I am proud of you in more ways than you know--you're a BAD MAAMAJAMA!! LOL

  8. MrBelvedr

    MrBelvedr Guest

    I wonder if Citibank is basing the decision more on income or past history. My credit history is WEAK TO DEATH. I have only 2 good trade lines, one is a car loan from Toyota Financing (only 4 months old), and the other is a joint account with my mom that is about a year old. I also just got a Capital one card with a $200 limit but I am not sure if that is reporting to the CRA's yet. But I am making 65k a year, maybe that is a major consideration in what they base their decision on. Anybody have any ideas?


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