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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by roni, Oct 27, 2001.

  1. roni

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    WOW, Creditnet has had a lot of people join or come out of the shadows and start posting this week. I'd like to extend my hand and welcome you all, personally. Please feel free to join in to any discussion and voice your opinion or share your experiences... and despite the silly story I'm about to tell... There Are No Stupid Questions.

    I have to tell you, every time anyone says "There Are No Stupid Questions" I immediately have a flashback to my freshman year in college. I attended a major southern university. Student attendance my freshman year was around 22,000 full time, undergraduate students. Along with classes in your major field of study, students were required to take a "core curriculum" of topics including humanities, foreign languages, mathematics and social sciences. Among the science classes widely offered, freshmen usually selected biology 101 for plants and biology 102 for humans.

    As you can image with a student body this large, these classes were huge. My second semester, in Biology 102 our lecture hall sat 800 students in a stadium seating pattern. From the first day, the prof let everyone know that attendance was required and his aides would walk the isles every Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 8:05 am to make sure you were in your assigned seat. Using his remote microphone plugged into a soundsystem let us know there were no stupid questions and we should feel free to ask anything at anytime. With the class being so large, he just pointed out to raise your hand... when he called on you, he asked that you stand and make sure your question was loud enough to be heard by everyone.

    Class moved along nicely for the first few weeks. When the subject turned to reproduction, people made the expected giggles. Early one Friday class the prof was explaining how and what the male sperm is coated in a protective sugar coating to allow for it to penetrate the female and provide it the time to make it to the egg to fertilize and create an embryo.

    Just as he completed his speech, a very attractive blonde co-ed raised her hand. You could tell she was out partying last night from her grunge dress with baseball cap and no makeup. No one really cared what you were wearing for this early class. As requested, she stood up by her seat and then it happened!

    Making sure she was speaking loud enough for everyone to hear... she asked her question.... "I don't understand. If it's coated in all of that sugar then why does it taste so salty??" In unison, everyone woke up and immediately started laughing! The co-ed never returned to the class, but was sorely missed!

    No, it's not an Urban Legend. I was there and have additional witnesses. My point being.... There is a stupid question, but it doesn't have to deal with credit and it's been asked before- so it's nothing new!

    Again, welcome to all the new people to creditnet and those first time posters!

  2. anna

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    This is a little more G- rated but anyway - we had trick-or -treat last night here and a mother told her little girl to say " trick-or treat" and the little cutie looked at me and said " Where's my treat?" Priceless! ( I would have womped my kid for that) I guess as you lose you gain.
  3. doodyhead

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    Well this reminds me of the Southpark episode where the teacher says, "there are no stupid questions, only stupid people." LOL
  4. RichGuy

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    I think the ability to take stupid questions seriously, and then use them to explain fundamental principles, is the one essential trait of a great teacher.

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