they killed my puppy

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Latwanna, May 30, 2000.

  1. Latwanna

    Latwanna Guest

    Can you sue a credit card company for possibly killing your pet out of revenge because you reported them to the FTC? About seven days ago I sent a letter to the FTC complaining that I was being harassed by a major big name credit card company who wanted to know why I stopped making payments on my credit card. They already have a $200 deposit and I have charged alot making them alot of interest. Right now the balance is only $2098.14 but they act like it's a million dollars. Well now I am having a hard time paying and besides the credit card is not even in my name but in my daughter's name. She is a minor so legally they cannot even enforce the contract. When I told that to the person on the phone she said that I would go to jail if I was reported so I must make full payment immediately by FederalExpress Overnight. I totally panicked and my neighbor told me about the FTC and we called the local police to make a report. Now I get from shopping and I found my dog Toby dead on the front porch. Is this a coincidence? I don't think so. I am making another police report so if that company is spying on me you better not even think about it. I have also notified HUD because my property rights were violated and they had no business coming onto my yard no ways.
  2. not likely

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    I really don't think they killed your dog, I think your way off base there. And are you saying you got the credit card in your minor's name, if you did, sorry to say that is illegal.
  3. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    Give me a break

    They are trying to collect on a debt owed to them. What did they do to warrant a complaint with the FTC?

    A credit card opened in a minor's name, but you refer to it as your account? Hmmmmm... who was responsible for opening that account?? Did you falsify the application??

    Based on your post, it seems to me you have got caught in a lie and now you want to blame everyone else but yourself. Yeah, I'd say you better pay them off quick because the collection calls might be the least of your worries.

    They sent spies to kill your puppy? Come on lady, get real.
  4. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    You are to be commended for having a vivid imagination, but I seriously doubt that the collection agency had anything to do with the unfortunate demise of your beloved pet.
  5. BOB

    BOB Guest

    $2000 is not enough money to force anyone,
    except maybe a loan shark to kill your your puppy. I know there are some banks who have cards for high school kids, one of them is
    Capitol-One, but the parent has to sign for it and set the limit. We have one for our daughter, but we are ultimately responsible
    if she doesn't pay. If this is your case and you signed for the card you are totally responsible for the balance due. I'm sorry to hear about your pet, but realistically
    I doubt the collection agency had anything to do with it.
  6. will

    will Active Member

    With all due respect, I think you may be watching a little too much television. No, they did not kill your puppy.
  7. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    I take it the the puppy wasn't sprayed with bullets. Are there any open containers of antifreeze around your house? If so, have the puppy and YOU been drinking from them?

    Sweetie, you should immediately stop watching Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Jerry Springer, and the like!

    Also, having credit or utilities listed in your baby's name is absolutely disgraceful. Or as my grandkids would say, "THAT'S GHETTO!"

    I really hope sleaze-ball operations like Cross Country Bank don't get hold of your post. They would be the first to resort to knocking off people's puppy dawgs.

    PITBULLPol Guest

    Puppy Platinum 33.7%

    We would like to wring the little mother fuc*ers' necks :) Send them that high interest Puppy Platinum Card - the one that charges 33.7%.

    Arf baby, its the real world.
  9. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

  10. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Well, let's hope it was a small dog..a sissy french poodle type...those take less shots
    than those long long basset hounds.
  11. Len

    Len Guest

    Doris, this must be what happened to Rex a year ago when I told a Cross Country rep to eat poopy and die. There were signs of foul play and Rex was obviously attacked from behind.
  12. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Attacked or PETTED from behind.....
  13. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Speaking of "Rex" I wonder what ever became of T-Rex, he was quite a character and was one of the first to kick Crooks Country Bank's ass both in and out of court. His posts were classics.

    If ever a company would be tempted to put a 'hit' on a problem client he would've been it.
  14. Don

    Don Well-Known Member


    You're joking, right?..wanted to add a little levity to the board?..please tell me you aren't serious...and then go lock the doors, turn on the security cameras, and call the cops...I've heard that now the water department is kidnapping children if you water your lawn on the wrong days...

    Thanks for making my day...I haven't laughed this hard at 5 AM in a long time...
  15. Shequante

    Shequante Guest

    Youre as much a freak as Latwanna...maybe youre the same person!
  16. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    The water department scenario was refreshing
  17. HappilyAve

    HappilyAve Guest

    I killed your puppy!

    I really didn't think you were very nice to me on the phone when I told you to pay your bills through Federal Express Overnight. I mean, come on, I just work here! It's not like I am the one charging you the interest rate. I have credit card bills just like you do. Do I deserve to be treated the way you treated me. Well no, and so to get you back, I simply drove to your house, (I had your address on my computer screen when we were talking and I just printed it out), and I killed your puppy, (I assumed it was yours, it was in your front yard), and laid it on your porch. Maybe that will teach you not to be rude to we credit card phone workers who couldn't care less whether the credit card companies get there money or not. We just want to get paid and make a living like everyone else. Don't worry, I'll illegally deduct what I think your puppy was worth from your $2,098 bill, (but it certainly won't be much!)

    Happily Avenged,
    An Emotional Satisified Credit Card Worker.
  18. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    RE: I killed your puppy!

    Lately, I've been plagued with stray cats and a nosey neighbor with an obnoxious Chihuahua dog that I'd swear is a rat on acid. If I hold off on a few payments, will you drop by and knock them off for me? I'd love to see that yapping runt of a Chihuahua dog get a good dose of an Uzi or a flame thrower! KABOOM!!!
  19. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    RE: I killed your puppy!

    You need help. More than she does!
  20. CardReport

    CardReport Guest

    No, they did *not* kill your dog.

    Do you realize that just 500 delinquent accounts like yours *does* represent a million dollars?

    If you felt that some irresponsible bonehead owed *you* $2098.14, would you be upset, or would you just relax about it?

    You actually TOLD them that you had fraudulantly obtained the credit card in your daughter's name? You actually think that is some kind of a legal defense from having to pay?

    You don't understand that they CAN enforce the law that says you committed fraud?

    You actually called the police, and complained that the credit card issuer might report you for the fraud you committed?

    You thought the FTC was based at your local police station? Do you even know what FTC stands for?

    Did you also tell HUD about the credit card fraud that you commmitted, too? (Are you in public housing, by the way?)

    It's unfortunate about the dog, though. At least he wasn't commtting any fraud, and then trying to use it as an excuse for not paying.

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