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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tryinhard, Sep 14, 2003.

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    I have a quick question.....A little history first..I have a student loan that has been transferred to another agency, this account is current and has been for over a year, well I disputed this account as never late in hopes of getting the lates removed and to reflect better, but when i disputed with experian they came back verified and made it look worse, now it shows past due of over $500 which is wrong. (the account went into deferment a while back and since we have caught up and been paying faithfully, the statements also show current, $0.00 in past due box) Well when I call up Sallie Mae they told me they recently switched where the payments go to (no longer Sallie Mae Financial, but rather Sallie Mae Corporation) and that they only report to equifax so since they dont report to experian, Experian has been verifying this with Sallie Mae Financial and that this is how it shows up and they told me they would contact Experian and correct it, and send us proof in the mail that they did so, but this has been over a week now and I havent heard anything from them.I asked them to even fax me a copy that they would do it and she said we will mail it. BTW- this woman didnt sound to sure of herself either.

    1. Do you think that they will correct this?
    2. If not, how do I?
    3. Is experian in violation?

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