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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by kenny, Feb 27, 2001.

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    Hey guys I am thinking about making this web site. I want to make a site that shows all the scams that people get in the mail and by e-mail. I will scan them into the computer and make them downloadable .pdf files or html files.
    That wy people have a reference to look at to see what kind of bad offers and just plain ole scams are out there. Only thing people have to do is mail the stuff to me or forward me the e-mails.

    Before sending mails they could black out their personal info.

    Example just today I got the gernic offer for Credit Services for 10,000 in credit just had to send 89.00 to process or when people call you had do the same credit card offer for anywhere from 129.00 to 199.00 and you get 2 cards. you guys know the offer I am talking about. It won't over run or try to replace this board it will just be like a sister site to look at.

    Any suggestions?
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    Go for it

    If you have the technical knowledge to do it, then it sounds like a great idea. Although I can easily recognize a scam, that first offer from Credicorp really puzzled me for a while. (Someone on this board told me about the co-payment issue.)

    Many novices, especially people immediately post-BK, are quite vulnerable because they really want to believe in a quick solution. So you could really help a lot of people.

    One point: I think scanning alone wouldn't be enough. You could add some commentary or footnotes to help people make sense of cleverly misleading offers.

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