Thiryt days are almost up- How to proceed with Experian dispute

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by coupongal, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. coupongal

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    I disputed two apartments with Experian. I'm hoping that they miss the 30-day window to respond to my certified letter. As the 30 days have nearly expired, I have questions on how to proceed.

    1. The last time I disputed, Experian printed my credit report on Day 30, and mailed it (postmarked) on Day 32. Both days fell on a Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. There was never a letter, they simply put a comment within the entry saying that it "meets requirement on FCRA". What recourse do I have with this timeframe and their method of responding?

    2. If one credit bureau removes something, are the others legally obligated to remove it also? How do I go about this?

    3. On day 31, what do I do when I haven't heard from them? As you can see, my goal is for the quickest deletion possible since the reporting is incorrect.

    Thanks for any and all of your help.
  2. ddecot03

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    I have the same Question ...Why is it, that Transunion deletes stuff ,eqifax deletes the same stuff ,But Experian dose nothing !!!!!!!!
  3. jam237

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    1) They don't need to send a 'letter' the letter is a part of the report that they send. Something to the effect, we've completed the investigation, the results are shown below.
    2) No, things can be deleted from one CRA for a multiple number of reasons, easiest being that for some reason the person at the DF fails to see the blinking "DISPUTE" and fails to send the trained monkey to hit the "CONFIRM" button. That doesn't mean that they wouldn't confirm the account with the other CRAs. The only way you could 'legally obligate' a more thorough dispute would be to SUE, and get a court declaration that the data furnisher is unreliable as per Cushman v. TransUnion; then with that court order, you have a chance of arguing that the data furnishers unreliability on the other CRA requires that their trade lines be deleted from the other CRAs as well.
    3) If you are getting the results by mail, and not e-mail, you need to allow 30 days for the investigation to complete, a few days for the results to be mailed and five days for the results to be delivered in the mail. (Also, if you (a) sent additional information about the dispute, or (b) are disputing from a FACTA Free Annual Credit Report, you need to allow an additional 15 days, for the dispute.)
  4. coupongal

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    Thanks for your response.
    Experian never sent a letter acknowledging receipt of my dispute, or one included with the new credit report. I basically received my credit report, with notes next to the dispute entries, stating that it has been updated and "Meets requirement of the FCRA". Trouble is, the only change on the entry is the comment. It's frustrating, and I don't know what that means. Can this be considered not responding?

    Also, the trick they tried is to print my credit dispute on day 30, but not mail until day 32. It's almost as if they marked it on the calendar when they received my last dispute. If it is going from the date they signed for the letter, to the date they mailed back to me, it equals 32 days. And I did not go through the FACTA, so 30 days apply. What recourse do I have? Is the FTC firm on the 30 day window?

    Has anyone ever had success with disputing Experian? Through my online research (and personal experience) they seem to be the worst at correcting disputes. Even the finance manager where I bought my new car last week ranted that he hates Experian and their reporting is inaccurate. Yet, all apartment complexes and their screening companies rely on Experian.
  5. jam237

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    They don't need to send a letter to confirm the receipt of the dispute.

    With Experian the Consumer Comment "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act)" is the notation of the dispute. Under the FCRA the CRA and Data Furnisher are required to notate the dispute on the account.

    The remainder of the tradeline is how the Data Furnisher responded to the dispute.

    The FCRA doesn't require anything more than that, it doesn't require them to obtain documents from the Data Furnisher, just reporting back what they claim the data furnisher provided to them as the results of the investigation.
  6. mindcrime

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    Chances are its your region of the country as to why more local creditors are pulling from EX.

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