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    The world in which we live is in one word GREEDY. It's not today that I have realized this, its just today that I feel like the world needs to hear this. Think about this:

    Credit card companies don't give a care about you carrying their card unless you carry balances and make money for them. You may feel that just because you have their card, you are something else. Thats the way I have felt in the past. But the thing is, its all a big game and you all know that. Everybody is out to get rich and thats how the credit world works. Im tired of having multiple cards and feeling compelled to use each of them so I can make the companies feel good that Im using their card. I know they probably hate me because I do not carry balances. But hey thats life and thats the way I choose to live my life. Im done playing this game. I will stick with using 1 card all of my life, in my case a Mastercard. Its accepted just about everywhere in this world. Simplifying ones life from many cards to one can really relieve a lot of stress, which is something that I have alot of at the young age of 21. From what I hear though, they say its good to have mulitple credit lines on ones credit report. Creditors like to see this especially if they are in good standing. What if I have mulitple lines in good standing and I want to simplify them down to one? Will creditors hate to see something like this? Will they think less of you if you choose to make things easier for yourself? I hate this world, I never liked it, but there is nothing we can do about it and the way companies run their businesses.

    Take for instance the internet. Remember the days when ISP's use to be 100% free and you could have unlimited access to the web. I used to leave my computer up on the net all day and not have to worry about paying a single cent. I used to have at least a half dozen ISP's that I could rotate between. These days, everything has changed. What happened to: Bluelight, Netzero, Juno, The Excite ISP and dozens of others. If they haven't closed up shop, they now have your hours limited to a certain number per month. Why can't good things last forever? Its because the world as we know it is getting greedier and greedier. When you see these offers from AOL for internet access, you can't even go far in the setup process before they ask for your credit card number. Numerous other sites do this too, its so sickening.

    Look at the price of gas. Look at the taxes we pay. We work so hard all year long, the government takes out a boatload of taxes and yet still we have to pay more in April. Look at everything in life. Well, thats enough of sharing my mind for now. I wonder if any of this makes sense to any of you all. Im not crazy or anything, I just like to analyze life and pick out the good and bad points in it. What is our purpose here on this earth, has anyone ever pondered over this?

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    Try not to focus on the bad too much. There are a great many things in this life which are still good and wholesome. You just need to find the ones which are for you. As far as credit card companies go, they're in it for the MONEY and nothing more. Don't lose sight of that. If you don't expect too much from people, you won't be let down as often. Good luck!
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    We all need money. Including the government, don't complain about high taxes, vote Republican. Look for the angles, there are many ways to lower your taxes and to use credit to your advantage.

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