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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lucy, Oct 18, 2001.

  1. lucy

    lucy Well-Known Member

    ---Capital One Visa Card with $500.00 limit!!!

    ---Frederick's of Hollywood Catalog (lol)

    ---20% of coupon at Bed, Bath & Beyond (I'll rush right out and charge on the Capital One Card) NOT!

    Thanks to all the fine folks here who helped me get this Capital One card!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best Regards,

  2. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member

    Yay for you!!!!!!

    Treat it well and it will grow up fast!

    Mine started out as $300.00 but is at 3500.00 today....and they have given me two more cards since- a Gold and a Platinum (although I should call the Platinum my 'Bigfoot' card....I know it exists, but I sure haven't seen it yet).

    Weekend is coming will be able to treat yourself!

  3. lucy

    lucy Well-Known Member

    Yes, my husband took a vacation day for Friday, so we have a three day weekend, and I am not working because I was laid-off. I was really happy to see the Capital One card today, because it will really help until I get my first unemployment check on November 2nd.

    My FICO score stinks, it is 520, due to 1 charge off from 1995 and 1 Providian in 2000. And recently a civil judgement against me from one of those Payday advance places whom I couldn't repay when I got laid off from my job last year... This is like the 2nd time I've been laid off, July 2000 and now October 3rd, 2001. The job market is really bad now.

    May I ask you, how long did it take you to go from $300 to $3500?
  4. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member

    OK- finally home. Mail's here.

    - Cap One Platinum finally came! Huge envelope with Welcome to Cap One Platinum on the outside! I opened it and realized what took it so long to get here...they had to paint it Gold! That's right, my Cap One Platinum is Gold...that must be reserved for really special members, huh? LOL! $2,000.00 Limit, guess that's why. Weirdo's.

    - Providian. Thank you...blah blah. Blank checks for up to credit limit, no cash advance fee, may be 'cashed' for cash, will be billed at cash advance rate of 16.9 instead of 11.9 rate. Uses regular terms, though.

    - ANOTHER 'pre-approved' Providian Gold offer for 1k- this is the second time this week. I think they are using the same marketing dept as Cap 1...they're bottom line would look better if they didn't sent as much mail.

    - Jeep Catalog

    - New local church 'come visit' propoganda

    - Ireland World Cup stuff I won on Ebay

    - Stuff addressed to my ex girlfried- who never even lived here. I am sure that's important stuff.

    Not a bad day, I guess....the Cap One thing was weird, big deal. I think I would have been better off sending on one of the other pre-approved 'plat' offers instead of applying for the Gold (even though I didn't know then)...prob would have gotten another Gold 2k.

    I think the pre-approved additional cards are based more on your past performance of them while applications are based on your CR.

    LUCY- to answer your questions.....

    First Cap One came within 6 mos after BK, $300.00. It has been 3.5 years and it is at $3500.00 now. I never asked for a limit increase, just let it go. probably could have grown it faster.

    In the meantime, I applied on-line for cap one and got a Gold Card about 4 months ago, $300.00 limit (whoopee). Then I got three pre-approved Platinum offers in the last three weeks. I sent one in- approved 'platinum'- but came as Gold card today, $2000.00 limit.

    Going to see about merging these Cap One cards and getting more Cap One...time to research the board!

    Hope this helps!
  5. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    ROFLMAOPIP@!!!!!!!!! That was the freakin funniest thing I heard all day!!! Check out my thread on telemarketers in the general talk forum for more of the same.
  6. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    I'm CRYING I'm laughing so hard. Had to listen to it 3 times, though.
  7. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    nice bigfoot comments .....dogman
  8. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    nicely done.....aroooooooooooooooo! LOL!
    worth it! dogman

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