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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by relia123, May 23, 2009.

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    A good credit score is very beneficial and affect able on your business there are some step to improve your Credit Score.

    1. Pay your Bill on time: This is most important thing to improve your Credit score pay your bill on right time you can setup automatic from your accounts but you must have to enough money to avoid over draft fees.
    2. Determination of your credit Score: Determinations of you credit score is based on following these questions.

    â?¢ Do you pay your bills on time?
    â?¢ How is your outstanding debt?
    â?¢ Have you applied for new credit recently?
    â?¢ How many long is your credit history?
    â?¢ What types and how many of credit accounts do you have?

    3. Take copies of your credit report and sure all the information is correct: This is authorized online source to get free credit report.
    4. Use legal step for improving your credit score: for improving your credit score you must have to take legal step.
    5. Keep awareness towards credit-repair scams: This is also the best way to improve your credit score be aware to repair your credit.
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    I ripped up all my credit cards, and closed them. All i have is a installment loan, being payed on time , all the time. I want my score to go up. Should i go out and get a new credit card?....or just wait....and keep paying the instalment loan on time like i have been?
  3. Hedwig

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    Can you reopen any of your closed accounts?

    Not having revolving credit will hurt your score. New accounts will also hurt your score for a while, as will the inquiries from the creditor pulling your credit.

    Length of history is a big part of your score, so reopening a closed account will serve you better, if the history is positive.
  4. apexcrsrv

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    Not all credit service organizations are scams FWIW . . .

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