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    Sorry I didn't respond to your questions sooner about all the help Junum gave me. I have been away from my computer here. Anyway, I will answer them as best I can.

    1. Junum did not copy me on the dispute letters. I did not expect them too. Junum as I understand it is trying to get a patent on their credit restoration process. Therefore, the letter format is proprietary.

    2. On my behalf, they disputed 21 items. How they choose the numbers probably has a 2 elements. One is how many items you need to dispute on the 3 CRA's. Second, Junum probably knows that if you dispute everything at once, it will look suspicious.I also believe that they won't tell you how many they will do because the algorithm is proprietary and unique of the patent process.

    3. Junum never notified me that they disputed my credit. What they do is to acknowledge on their website that they have received your credit reports. If they have been received, assume that dispute letters are in process.

    As a side issue, remember this service is cheap and takes about 90 days to see results. I will submit my credit reports to Junum for round 2 this week. I have no intention of telephoning Junum to confirm anything. I will look for an update on the web site and expect newly updated credit reports within 90 days. Be a realist. As I said, my remaining items are B.K. related, therefore Junum may try and fail to get anything deleted. But at this price, it is worth it.

    Good luck!
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    RE: To: Alwida and mt regardin

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for responding, I appreciate it.

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