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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by T, Sep 4, 2000.

  1. T

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    I have an Optima Platinum card and I did a credit line consolidation in May 00. I called and asked for a credit line increase. My current limit is $10K and my balance is at 0. They did not want to increase my line at first because they told me I had a line increase in May. I corrected them that I moved that line of credit over to my optima account, not a credit increase. He then said the best he could do is $500 increase. Is that really the best he can do? Only $500 on a $10K limit? I find it hard to believe. Is there anything you can do to help out? Thanks.
  2. (-.-)

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    What could you possibly be trying to buy? You have a 10K limit and it's at ZERO! Why would you need a line increase? I don't understand.....
  3. Tom

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    Some people do have a hobby to apply a lots of cards and request line increase which actually they don't need or will never use.
  4. Jo

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    Geeze....what's wrong with that...back off guys...
  5. RichGuy

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    Maybe it isn't so much wrong as unlikely. AmEx would probably ask similar questions about the need for an increase. If AmEx doesn't want to grant an increase, it isn't going to happen any time soon. Last I heard, a valid contract required the agreement of both parties.

    Then again, AmEx could change its collective mind on appeal.
  6. T

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    I do use up close to my limit at times. Just now, my balance is at 0. I buy things for my business and this is another account that I use other than my regular amex charge account.
  7. Tom

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    In this case,you deserve to get limit increase.Good luck!
  8. AMEX  rep

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    See my post on Also wanted to mention that you might want to consider getting an AMEX charge card that has no preset limit so you can put your large business purchases on there without th elimit tying you up--that is what I do. And then what you cannot pay off, transfer over to your optima card. Just an idea
  9. dynamic

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    Dear Amex Rep,
    I had an Amex card for about 4 years (upgraded to a Gold card after the first year). In that 4 years, I was never late on a payment. I filed bankruptcy in 1992, in which I included the Amex card with about a $400 balance at the time. I recently applied for a secured Optima card (sent them a $500 check), and they denied me the card and sent back my $500, saying that I did not pay on the original terms of the Gold Card. Will Amex ever find it in their hearts to give a second chance? (believe it or not, sometimes good people come upon unexpected hard times)From what I have read on some of these boards, once you default on Amex, they will "never" extend you credit again. Is this true, and would paying back the original $400 plus interest help me re-establish credit with them?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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