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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mike, Sep 27, 2000.

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    I have a question regarding the Amex Optima secured. When I recieved the card over a year and a half ago. The amex web site said I may be able to qualify for an unsecured card after about 12 months of good payment history. I have never been late or over the limit on this card. I then call amex about 13 months from having this account active to ask them to consider me for an unsecured card as I feel I have earned it.. They told me that I would have to reapply for a totally different card, Which I reluctantly did so. Low and behold I was declined. I still have the Amex Optima secured card which is the same as when I recived the card a year and a half ago. My question to you is, Why dont they reward people who demonstrate good payment ability and patterns and What benefit is it to have this card other than the name on the card? This card is not even reported on any credit reports. Is there anything amex is going to do with myself and people in a similar situation such as myself? And why isnt the secured card offered on there web site any longer and if it is discontinued, Why was it discontinued? Thanks in advance.. Mike
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    RE: To: AMEX Rep...!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've had the Card for 3 and some years the Secured one , same senerio with the unsecured, apply for it and u get denied. on the other hand when i pulled my credit report i saw promotional inquires from amex review department, so i guess they do review u for an unsecured one, i know they didn't offer me one though because i have to much credit with high balances.
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    Here We Go Again! :-(

    I have the same feelings as Mike in regards to the secured card. I just barely got mine right before they took it off of their web site (7/00). Since I already have an Am/Ex Gold courtesy of my boyfriend (added me on after I got the Optima and found out the REAL details regarding the card), I have chosen to pay this account off and close it. Luckily I quickly found out about the details regarding this card by reading this message board. I feel really bad for the people that have wasted years on this card to get an end result of NADA!

    On a more brighter note, I have heard from other posts that if you have the secured card and apply for the regular one (like they say) and get denied, that you can call Am/Ex up, speak to a rep and plead your case for an override approval???? It's worth a try????? Try doing a search on Am/Ex on this board and read some of the other posts.
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    RE: Here We Go Again! :-(

    Thanks for the advise.......Ill call them and see what happens.. I will keep u posted.. Thanx.. Mike

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