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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ble103, Jun 5, 2001.

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    I am trying to get some inside information on MBNA's quantum card because i am only $500.00 away from minimum amount needed to upgrade to the card.What are the terms like,and also if any of you that has this card been offer any additional B.T. offers beyond the inital one when you got the card.I currently have their platinum plus card,and i am looking to see if they offer a deal like no cash advance fees with a 13.99% A.P.R.,and also more balance transfer oppertunities with this card with a very low B.T. transaction fee to make the transfer with.Is their such an offer?I just wanted to know because i want to make sure it is worth upgrading to.Thank you for all your posts on this thread.
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    I have the Quantum card with a 2.9% intro rate for purchases and cash advances (inc. balance transfers) and after 6 months my rate goes to 13.99%. I have no cash advance fees with my card and the service rep said they'll waive the BT fee once I make a request. Overall, I think it's a great card, the concierge service alone is worth the upgrade. Great benefits for no annual fee!!!

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