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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Erica, Apr 30, 2001.

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    Re: Capital One Success Again!!!-Read

    CardKid | Junior Member | 04.30.2001 @ 15:44

    I had 2 defaulted student loans that were consolidated (thank God!) by the William D Ford Foundation. My payments are $40 per month. But, I mail $500+ to attack the principle. Because the $40 comes out of my checking, I get a rate of 7.85%.


    Just a quick question regarding this statement:
    When you consolidated your defaulted loans, did they delete the original student loan tradelines or update them to paid in full status?

    This happened to me, and I'd like to know what the outcome of it on your reports was.

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    I hired Lexington Law Firm and they were successful at removing these accounts from Trans Union and Equifax. However, Experian has been a challenge.

    The comments on the Experian report have changed from a "Default - Claim filed with guarantor..." to "Paid Collection" with the balance as "N/A" on the report.

    I also had a charged off fitness club membership that has been successfully removed from all reports except Experian ($793). I never used it. In fact, I went to cancel it the following day and got the runaround. I didn't know my rights then (i.e. Buyer's right to cancel within 72 hours). Now I do.

    Thanks to this board, I am comfortable waiting for Lex Law to pull through or simply allowing time to heal my wounded Experian report.

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    I hired Junum, and pray that they will be disputing that. Thanks for your help.

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