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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Mar 18, 2001.

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    Sorry I didn't see your message to me until today.

    Yes, you should definitely apply for a dept store card. Do the application over the telephone and explain your situation to the rep. Don't apply on-line. As I recall, you have a Bk from 7-8 years ago and I assume perfect credit since then so you are an excellent candidate for Nordstrom. Here is the Nordstrom credit telephone number I used: 800-964-1800. I think this is a nationwide number because I used it here in California and unless my memory is faulty, Roni used it from Pennsylvania after I gave it to her.

    As a side issue, Roni applied on-line and was rejected. She then called afterward to discuss it and was told that the reason she was rejected was the status of her student loans. I think she would have saved herself an inquiry if she had telephoned first as the Nordstrom reps seem to know the policy. I think Nordstrom is BK friendly and very unfriendly to student loan and chargeoff problems.

    I got a $2,000 credit limit as things are pricey at Nordstrom. My 14 year old daughter was visiting the first weekend after I got the card so we went shopping. If you get the card, the women in your family will love it. As for my daughter, she gets to return for fathers day.

    Good luck
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    Thanks my friend, I'll give it a shot.

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    Glad to help


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