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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Apr 22, 2001.

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    Hey Chet!! How are you doing. Do you still chat at Creditmania or have you moved to yahoo? I am still at Creditmania. Anyway I want to ask you something.

    You told someone that you applied on-line to Cap One and got a card 10 days later.

    Was this your 1st or 2nd card? What were the terms?

    BTW. - No news yet on the GM card. I sent them the utility bills 2 weeks ago. LOL
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    I'm doing fine my friend. I've chatted at Yahoo once briefly, a couple of weeks ago. Because of work obligations, I only have the opportunity to chat about once a month, so I checked out both sites :)

    It was a second card from Cap One that I applied for online. The terms were 19.8% APR and a $29 annual fee.

    I think your in with the GM Card! When I applied, I got a denial letter within a week :(

    Jim, I'm at a point now where I am just going to wait until the BK falls off in another year, before I apply for anymore credit. I have applied for several prime cards, and always get the same answer "Denied due to Bankruptcy". I can't wait until this BK experience is a distant memory!

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