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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Richguy, Mar 26, 2001.

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    Sorry I didn't notice your question about gas cards.

    I got three preapproved offers from Texaco and Shell based on Experian, which is my worst report.

    What makes Experian my worst report is two falsely redated collections from 1997 that appear to be from 3/2000. I got a Texaco card in 2/2000, possibly before the false information appeared. Then another Texaco card in 5/2000, and a Shell card in 7/2000. The last two cards were probably issued in spite of the "recent" collections. I'll have to check whether they actually pulled reports for the last two, or simply went by their own internal information from the first account.

    I also have a third collection from 1997 on this report, but no judgments or bankruptcy. I also had lots of recently opened accounts and lots of hard inquiries during 2000.

    By the way, my Texaco and Shell payments are not reported on any of my 3 credit reports. That's one reason I like having those accounts. I have plenty of open accounts already.

    Hope this helps you make your decision. Good luck.
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    Re: To Richguy

    Thanks for following up on my gas card question. Your Experian report sounds much better than mine is at present (I have like 9 negatives on it), so I will probably wait until I have had more progress in getting deletions done. Perhaps when I am down to two negatives or so I will be brave enough to try to get one of the gas cards you mentioned. Until then, I am going to just keep pushing the CRA's to delete the darned negatives and inquiries on my reports! Appreciate the info.

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