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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JacquiG, Sep 7, 2000.

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    Hi Dave,

    I'm posting this as a new topic since the original one is so far down now...

    As Steven Z mentioned (hi there!), I've received a lot of pre-approved (not pre-selected or pre-defined or whatever) offers from AT&T. Ignored the previous ones, then finally responded (Sept 99). Turned down. Received another one in Oct 99 - held it for a week or so, called it in. Turned down again. Got a break for a few months, received pre-approved in July 00 (?). Tried to reply online, but they couldn't 'find' my pre-approval number. Trashed it. Guess what? August 00 brings my second pre-approval for this cycle. Go online, it recognizes me this time, and I finish the app. I say "yeah, right", shred the pre-approval. Exactly 8 days later, received my very own, brand-new $5K platinum Universal card. I thought it was my decline notice. Who knew?

    I've only used the account once - to transfer a balance. When I called to get info, the rep asks if I have the card in front of me (I don't), so she says she'll call me back tomorrow. She actually did. I guess it was done electronically, because it posted in 3 days. I also activated the card, but only because you have to in order to use the all-electronic option (no paper statements) and sign up for internet payments.

    Sorry this is so long, but basically all I can say is that their customer service was wonderful. My statement hasn't even closed yet, and I haven't made any payments, so 'so far, so good'.

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