To Dee: correct perspective...

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by marci, Mar 29, 2001.

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    I'm starting this to follow-up on something you said in the thread
    "Lizardking" began on credit repair ethics.

    I understand what you are saying re individual choices in spending and
    the need for consumers to take responsibility for their own debt. I certainly
    was one who's own problems were entirely of my own making and I freely
    admit that. However, I can't say that *all* people with credit problems
    were/are reckless spenders.

    Many, many people get into financial dire straits due to things out of
    their control. The top three reasons I see in this category: job loss
    in a tight labor market, serious illness, and relatives/s.o. who abuse
    a joint credit account(s).

    My parents are landlords, and I rent from them. I KNOW what you're
    talking about re how landlords get shafted (the law protects the tenant
    far more than it protects the landlord) and my parents - working class
    people just like you and me - have eaten plenty from theiving and lying
    tenants. But I am also grateful for the credit "second chances" I've gotten
    which allowed my to demonstrate financial responsibility.

    I also understand where Hal was coming from in his post, but I just cannot
    "lose" my ethics simply b/c various issuers have lost theirs. I sympathize with Hal's
    position, though. :-/

    Just a simple note to ask you to keep it in perspective. I definitely agree with you
    about calling lying what it is. Thank you for speaking out.

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    Re: To Dee: correct perspectiv

    To Dee: correct perspective...
    Author: marci (138.26.48.---)
    Date: 03-29-01 14:04

    My parents are landlords, and I rent from them. I KNOW what you're
    talking about re how landlords get shafted (the law protects the tenant
    far more than it protects the landlord) and my parents - working class
    people just like you and me - have eaten plenty from theiving renters and ===============

    Comment-- I have been a land lord and fully agree with you that the law is stacked against the land lord and favors tenants___However When it comes to credit the situation is just the opposite AS credit laws favor the credit industry and are stacked against the consumer:
    Why is this so?Probably because collectlively land lords don't have tons of money to buy WASHINGTON like the creditors do!
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    Re: I Agree with you Marci

    I guess I got a little carried away in my posts but the over all point stands the same. In all of our lives, we all run into trouble sooner or later...that's true and I have nothing negative to say about people in that position.

    However I've seen more than enough people who rack up debt and once they figure out that there's not much that can be done against them, they sweep it under the rug as if they never spent a dime. More so it is sad to find that there people out here who can more than afford to pay back what they borrowed, but don't, just because they can get away with it.

    I guess what I see here are a few different issues: 1. Paying off old debts vs. not paying 2. Lying to get old trade lines removed vs. not lying 3. Not paying old debts when you can afford to, lying to have all traces of it removed and not thinking thereâ??s anything wrong with this, just because the interest was way too high for you or the CRA's arenâ??t very consumer friendly (even though they ARE NOT consumer businesses even though we are part of their product).

    Everyone seems to talk bad about the banks and the CRA's (and they can be real bad and not so honest) but why not talk first about why you have those bad marks on your reports in the first place? The really sad thing is while we bitch about how bad the CRA's and Banks are, we will turn right around and use them again and even get more credit than we can handle with our new credit.

    Some will even go on to do it all over again and be back on this board. Now that's a problem that has no blame but the one placed on us. All I can say is if I was going to make anyone a personal loan, I would want to know their paying history and not just what they wanted me to see.
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    Lizardking wrote:

    >If you feel that is wrong and immoral, perhaps you should goto the Motley
    Fool board. They seem to be more your style.

    Why are you criticizing Dee for giving her opinion? Didn't you begin the
    original discussion on credit repair ethics for the very purpose of finding
    out what people on *this* board thought?

    All she has done is respond in the way you asked many to do.

    On another note, although I do not believe in lying to delete info or "living"
    at PO Boxes to evade judgements, I do support your lawsuits against the
    CRAs for shipshod "verification" processes. I hope your lawsuit and many
    others force them - especially Equifax - to be more thorough and accountable
    in the verification prcedure.

    I wonder, though, if Equifax will settle with you. If anyone ever had a clearly
    valid case against a CRA, it is Denise Richardson, and Equifax is taking her all
    the way to trial. Experian and Transunion correctly bowed out soon into the
    lawsuit, seeing that they were clearly in the wrong, but Equifax is being quite
    stubborn about it.

    I'll be looking out to what happens with the Equifax small claims situation in
    both your case and Denise's.

  5. marci

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    Re: Lizardking...

    "to what happens" should be "to see what happens".

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