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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by newcomer 2, Oct 16, 2000.

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    Hello Dogamn .. I couldn't Help To notive that Your the Expert About american Express :) I think I have Reed in your older posts that You have had an Optima Secured card that you had converted to a regular Card After talking to A rep in the Centerion bank . I've had that Card for 3 years And I'd love to just convert it to the Non secured Card, Talked to the Rep today he was real nice, I see why they are the best customer service But he told me that i had to reapply for a regular card and that my amex history would be counted in. The thing is I know if i Reaplly I will get denied because of to many lines open and recent inquires. How ever he said that If i Contacted Centerion bank that they might have a different set of rules .. So if you happen to have that number and the name of the supervisor you talk to could you post it . Thankx .. Sorry about the long post .
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    I never had a Secured Optima.
    When I explained my health situation to the Acct Mgr at Centurion Bank, she told me to get a regular Green Card.

    It reports to all bureaus, etc.
    I would try to apply now for a Green Card.
    If you get it, who cares when they unsecure the other one?
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    RE: To dogman .. Amercian Expr

    I think he is talking about Saar
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    RE: To dogman .. Amercian Expr

    Oh sorry for the mistake .. Well I guess I'm gonna have to wait . I don't really want the charge card for now specially that I have to pay it all off at the end of the month, And they would probably decline with all the open lines i have. To make matters worse I came back home today and found a New Spiegel card in the Mail ! my wife had applied for it for me . That's anther new account i have to live with. So i'm gonna take a break on the credit cards for a while untill i get ride of some that i have ! . Thankx for the response though .. Good luck .

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