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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Killer, Oct 16, 2000.

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    Unless I missed the post I don't think you have said much about CitiBank. It would be interesting and beneficial to know if you were approved. From past post, you have greatly improved your credit and have recovered from BK including AMEX approval. Did you apply for CitiBank?

    P.S. I can definitely understand if you choose not to respond to this post.
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    Hey Killer. I finally took the chance and applied on that full moon friday 13th.
    I filed on Citibank in the Chap 13 in 1996.

    I will be the real proof that if a AA regular
    card comes my way, I can verify they are trying to gain market share and just immediately accepting new people- regardless-probably for a specified period of time.

    It probably may not be a computer glitch- although it is possible. I applied exactly as Roni suggested.

    It is possible Citi gets a $1 every time they give out a card - from AA maybe.
    Lots of potential here.

    We'll find out.
    FYI - my precious DSL connection was down for 4 days - no access. Great to be back.

  3. Killer

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    Thanks for responding Dogman. I knew you would have some insight. Do you know if Chase is following CitiBank in trying to improve market share? I got an invitation from Chase to apply, My credit is not great right now and I would guess that I wouldn't qualify for Chase. By the way, I told my sister about CitiBank. She applied last night and received $5000 instant approval. Her credit isnt spotless. The best she has been able to so far is a CapOne with a $1000 limit. The last time I checked she was still dancing and celebrating her CitiBank approval.

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