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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by marc, Jan 16, 2001.

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    When you reaffirmed with amex was your credit
    clean? What I mean is that other than the
    unpaid balance you qualified for the green card.Appreciate any input.
  2. dogman

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    Answer Marc

    Marc - my credit was terrible - my Chap 13 was Oct 1996. AMEX took into account the reason for the unusual Chap 13 - illness. I didn't even have one late payment EVER
    B4 I filed.

    AMEX was not included in the Chap 13 - I had owed them $1700 since the late 70s.

    They assessed my entire situation and put me back to normal. I had made perfect payments on the small line Visas and Mastercards I got from FCNB/Cap One/Providian for about 2 1/2 yrs before AMEX approved me.

    When the Account Manager talked with me, she
    told me I could have either a credit card or charge. I needed and very much utilize
    the Personal Card with no pre-set limit.
    I have charged as much as $2500 with no question.

    CYA Dogman

    I now have Membership Banking, AMEX online, AMEX Brokerage, and will continue to value this growing relationship every day.
    I very much appreciated the attitude and respect shown to me by everyone at AMEX.
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    U2 MP :)

    Hope all is well MP :)
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    RE: Answer Marc

    Thank you very much dogman,that helps alot
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    RE: Amex (long)

    I have been in contact with Amex via email regarding my Ch 7 bk in 05/1993, here is what they said.

    Our records indicate that the agency that has been handling your accounts since 1999 is Becket & Lee. You may contact them directly at the address listed below.

    16 General Warren Blvd 800-962-6030
    Malvern, PA 19355 610-993-8493 Fax (610)644-7800

    We appreciate hearing from you. If you have additional questions, please feel free to e-mail us again.

    Have a great day!


    E. Roose
    Email Servicing Team
    American Express Interactive Services

    My reply:
    Dear Sirs:

    Thank you for your previous response. I have moved rather slow with all the holidays. I do however have a couple more questions before I proceed any further. First, is the company listed a collection agency - If so, are they collecting on your behalf or do "they" own the debt? Next question is this; if I do repay the "discharged debts", how long would I have to wait to be eligible for a American Express Green charge card again?

    Their response:
    The collection agency collects on behalf of American Express. Once the account is paid off, you can apply for a card after one year.

    We appreciate hearing from you.

    H. Greene
    Email Servicing Team
    American Express Interactive Services

    Beckett & Lee? They are listed as Bk attorneys. I have read somewhere that it is illegal to repay a discharged debt without reopening the BK and doing a reaffirmation agreement. Anyone know anything about this?

    Sorry this is so long, but hope it will help some of you. :)


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