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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cricket, Mar 3, 2001.

  1. Cricket

    Cricket Active Member

    Hi Eboni,

    I saw your post the other day about Junum intentionally taking a long time with your case.

    You said, "When I sent my CRA's in about 3 days later they said they sent the disputes. The reality was very different."

    What was very different?

    In my case, Junum's web site said they recieved my CRs on 2/8 and said they sent the disputes 2/9 (I think). I got a letter from TU stating they recieved a dispute on 2/20. Do you think that time frame is logical?

    Also, TU sent me a letter telling me that if I used the services of a credit repair company and thought I was over charged they would help investigate them. I wonder what that means. Did anyone else get a letter like that?

  2. Eboni

    Eboni Guest

    Re: To Eboni or other Junum Us

    I didn't get letters from the CRA's stating they had received the disputes until Mid Febuary. Junum was supposed to have sent the disputes in November
  3. Cricket

    Cricket Active Member

    Re: To Eboni or other Junum Us

    Thanks Eboni,

    That was helpful. I guess they really sent the disputes on or near 2/8.
  4. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Re: To Eboni or other Junum Us

    Cricket - The CRA's seem to always claim that they are in receipt of your disputes a few weeks after they should have received them. In my opinion, the CRA's lie about this. They lie because that gives them more time to answer the dispute. Junum appears to be doing the job for you.
  5. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    Re: To Eboni or other Junum Us

    It does say one thing for sure and that is that the credit repair companies you are using are not sending in their demands by certified mail, return receipt requested.

    Failing to do that is almost a certain recipe for disaster because the CRA's know that if the letter does not arrive ceritifed return receipt requested there is no way to prove how long it takes them to investigate. They can stall all they want.

    Any repair company that fails to use certified mail is simply trying to get your work done on the cheap in order to maximaize profits. Seems to me to say that they don't give a damn about you and are doing minimal job of giving proper service.

    Bill Bauer
  6. sam

    sam Well-Known Member


    I must have been lucky. I sent in disputes using regular mail, and got back a response in less than 30 days from both experian and trans union. Both of them acknowledged my requests and said i'll hear from them shortly.

    I highly doubt the credit bureaus are in the business of throwing away mail. They could face severe punishment from the government if they did indeed do that. I was being lazy, so i figured, drop them in the mail at work (free postage!) and if nothing happens , lesson learned.

    Needless to say, both have responded with a dated letter showing receipt of my disputes, hence setting their own clock. Perhaps if i get off my lazy butt i'll try the next round certified with receipt request, but it was such a pain to go to the postal office as of late.


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