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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, May 8, 2001.

  1. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Hi Eddie. I saw that you got an MBNA platinum card. Congrats!!!!

    What kind of a credit history do you have? Also, what are the terms on your new platinum card? If you remember, I followed in your footsteps and got the Nextcard Platinum card when I read about your experience.

    MBNA somewhat irritated me in January. I was receiving these preselected offers every week from them advertising a 1.9% teaser rate. I applied and got rejected. The smart-alec rejection letter mentioned that I had an appropriate amount of credit in MBNA's view. Ha Ha.

    Since January, I have opened $13,800 in new credit limits.

    BTW, I am a Chap 7 BK discharged in Feb '99.
  2. eddie

    eddie Well-Known Member

    I had a judgement and about 4 charge offs on TU and exp.(EQ is a really big mess) which I disputed in February. In mid march the judgement was deleted from TU and EX along with some other old stuff. This left just and old fusa(bankone) paid charge off on TU and 2 paid collections on Exp. I did have current car loans, house note, first premier and providian tradelines. I havent missed a payment on anything since 1997. Nextcard and Mbna both initially checked TU and mbna also checked Exp. Nextcard was instant approval but Mbna took about 3 weeks.Interestingly a tradeline from mbna appeared on Exp about a week before I got the cards) I have no idea what my scores were except worthknowing showed a 20 and eloan said 677 for Exp. The terms are 13.9 fixed on purchases 3.9 until August on bts and a 5500. cl. I dont know the apr for cash advances. Now if I could just get EQ straight I would be in good shape. Ive been fighting them for 1.5 years on an old fusa c/o which is paid but shows open unpaid. I figure that costs me about 30 points on my beacon score which is 656.
  3. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Thanks again. Your answer is really interesting to me. In regard to credit scores:

    My EX score was 641 in May 2000 - courtesy of the credit union.

    In October 2000 - I hired Junum. By January an enormous number of derogs disappeared.

    My EX score dropped to 574 in Feb 2001 as I was applying for a lot of credit in January and February - again courtesy of the credit union.

    In April, I got a 695 e-loan score. It showed only 2 negatives on my report so I assumed that e-loan must have pulled TU. I am waiting to see my EX report as the hard inquiry for e-loan just showed so I now know they did not pull TU. Maybe Junum got 1 of the items deleted and I don't know about it yet.

    Anyway, I guess the surprising thing to me is how much the credit scores can fluctuate up and down.

    Sounds like you got a prime card here. I wish you good luck.

    Keep posting!!!

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