To FOOL--Oops I mean Kool!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by anonymous, Aug 3, 2000.

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    Some of us silently look at these postings and just shake our heads. This board is supposed to be for sharing information and experience. Some people such as Fool (oops, sorry) Kool, seem to ask a question of others based on their experiences and then don't like the answers or advice given. Kool is just the latest example of this. Sometimes people ask a very honest question and all others can do is give a sarcastic answer. Come one people--can't we grow up? There are regular posters here such as Dogman, Barry, Alex,Renae and others who I feel are very sincere in their replies to others. They may not always be right but they are giving you their best advice.

    I think we all need to remember this!
  2. BarryN- Cr

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    Jump in a share


    I know its fun to lurk and read messages, but I would really enjoy you jumping in and sharing with us your knowledge. It is true about often times the help can be inaccurate. But in dealing with credit restoration there are many ways to "skin the cat". And much of what is suggested is left to debate by legal/moral review. However, we need more folks to jump in and assist and correct us of our "ignorance". I have been corrected many a time by many people, but it will not stop me from making suggestions or caring about helping others.

    You know when you have been corrected by Kristi Feathers, you can take anything! :)

    Keep On Posting and Join Us,

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    RE: Jump in a share--to Barry

    Barry--I haven't shared anything up until now because I don't really feel as if I have anything to share. Although I have learned a lot and received invaluable good advice from you and others who share your experience and advice to others. I do greatly appreciate it.

    What prompted my previous post was just that--you and many others on this board do seem sincere in your desire to help. A lot of us really do appreciate it. But when I seen posts such as the one "Kool" the Fool posted to Renae and also some others on this board who don't know how to use this board for the reason it was intended, it really pisses me off!

    So again, thanks to you and to all of the others who are kind enough to share and not ridicule others.
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    Please forgive me. I lost the "k" in my name and traded in for an "f". Renae really ticked me off. Read the posting "DMB increase after 1st payment". I had a legitimate concern and posted it for feedback. She then minimized me and I felt offended. I do apologize to everyone and I will not let it happen again. As a matter of fact, I will choose a new name and start over. You won't hear from Kool again. But everyone she be reminded that we are all learning and no one should self-righteously minimize anyone else.

    Kool is now dead.Bye
  5. Kool

    Kool Guest last'll need to read the posting "Hurray for Orchard".

    Kool is now really dead! (I know you all are all glad!)
  6. BarryN- Cr

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    Kool... fellow Texan... hang i


    It is very easy to P.O. folks on any message board. If you have valuable information to share, then by all means share it. But be aware that personal attacks can happen at anytime. This bbs has been a magnet for personal attacks in the past, and I think regular visitors are very nervous about that line of postings starting all over again. I am not aware of the particular message thread that you and renae are invloved in, or how you offended "anon" poster. But a simple "sorry about that" is great start. So let's move on. There is a lot of work to do.. renae, anonymous, and kool all hang in there.


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    Gee, based on the ip address, this anonymous posting seems to come from Wisconsin, same as Renee's. The style of writing is very similar, too. . .

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    The Height of Hypocrisy

    How can you claim that Kool is not sharing information while ignoring Renae's disgraceful tantrum towards Kool? His was a clever and valuable remark for which Kool received only destructive personal criticism.

    It is the height of hypocrisy for you to call Kool a fool in the most childish way, and then demand that others share information. Even you seem to realize how shameful your hypocrisy is, which is why you post as "anonymous."
  9. RichGuy

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    No wonder you stay anonymous

    Kool is a hero, while you are a coward and a hypocrite. If you think it is wrong to ridicule others, then don't call Kool a fool or make fun of his pseudonym.

    Nameless One, you should really take your hatred elsewhere. There are people like me who actually want information, instead of demanding it while making personal attacks. How about sharing with us a little bit of that information, instead of your own personal likes and dislikes, which no normal person could possibly care about?

    Your postings are meaningless. No wonder you stay anonymous.

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